Ex-UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub quits stand-up comedy to focus on his family: ‘I gotta be home more’

Brendan Schaub

Brendan Schaub is putting his stand-up comedy career on the back burner to focus on his family.

Last week, the former UFC heavyweight delivered a heartbreaking message, revealing that his baby daughter was hospitalized and being prepped to undergo emergency surgery. The MMA community rallied around Schaub in his time of need. Fortunately, his daughter’s procedure went as planned.

Speaking on his podcast, The Schaub Show, he revealed that he will be walking away from stand-up comedy after more than a decade to focus on his family. He did leave the door open for some local gigs, but his days of traveling across and out of the country are done for the time being.

“I had to cancel in Boston and Nashville,” Schaub said. “Usually, I hate doing that, but I think this time I just don’t care. That’s where I’m at. I gotta be home more and I have to pull back from touring so much. I gotta be home. I’m tired. I’m freakin’ tired. I’ve been hustling for over 12 years. I’m not gonna stop doing the [podcasts], but as far as the plane rides and stuff, I’ve gotta chill out.

Maybe do some spots in L.A. SoCal, but going international or going across the United States ain’t happening right now. I’m gonna take a break from that. Just focus on family and do my thing.”

Schaub regularly appears on a slew of podcasts, including The Fighter and The Kid with fellow comedian Bryan Callen and Food Truck Diaries. He is also a regular on The Joe Rogan Experience.