BJ Penn’s Latest Crazy Conspiracy Theory claims Donald Trump’s body double was at UFC 295, Not the real deal

BJ Penn

BJ Penn’s latest conspiracy theory suggests that former U.S. President Donald Trump was not actually in attendance at UFC 295.

Just before the main card began inside Madison Square Garden, Trump made his way inside the building accompanied by UFC CEO Dana White, Kid Rock, and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. However, if you ask BJ Penn, that wasn’t good ol’ 45 making an appearance inside the world’s most famous arena. Instead, the former two-division titleholder believes it was a Trump body double.

“What do you see? Must be his double!” Penn wrote on Instagram. “I’m voting for Trump no matter what! F JOE Biden! President Trump’s ear looks like the skin is peeling away.”

It’s far from the first time Penn has shared his completely absurd conspiracy theories on social media, and while it may have started as humorous, it is quickly becoming a troubling trend for the UFC Hall of Famer.

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“I’m only saying this because I seriously love you bruddah,” one fan wrote in response to Penn’s latest post. “Please stop this crazy stuff. Even if you think all this is true I think your hurting yourself by constantly posting such wild conspiracy stuff. If you need someone to talk to I’ll listen. I’m always one for a fun lil conspiracy convo but a lot of the stuff you’ve posted lately is way over the top. Reach out if you need to vent brotha I gotchu.”

BJ Penn Doubles Down on His Trump Theory

Previously, ‘The Prodigy’ has made other outrageous claims, including his belief that dinosaurs are not real and that Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, otherwise known as CTE, is a lie created to cover up murders.

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When one commenter responded to Penn’s latest rant by posting, ‘CTE is real,’ Penn offered up a lengthy response trying to convince the world that his Trump theory holds water.

“You got some bad eyes child! But think about it! Does it make any sense when someone like trump drives past small little towns with hundreds of security from police, to SWAT, to ambulances, to US military, to helicopters and you really think TRUMP would stand in the middle of an arena with barely any safety checks to get inside to the arena and where anything could happen he would?

“So witch is the con? Is it the hundreds of people that follow him driving through small towns for a photo opportunity or is it standing at the UFC with who knows who or what is in the arena. Where is the con job? Can you figure it out or do you have to pass kindergarten first?”