Bisping is not happy with the decision score for Wanderlei Silva

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Michael Bisping feels that following his 15-minute stand up battle against Wanderlai Silva at UFC 110, that he deserved the victory. This was Wanderlei’s first victory at 185lbs and he looked like he hadn’t lost a lot of his power while cutting the weight.

Wanderlei Silva had the “The Count” in real danger several times and nearly finished him at the end of round 3 with heavy and precise striking. Wanderlei Silva controlled the fight more than we are used to see, with wild hooks and clinch knees, although Bisping feels he put forward a strong case to the judges.

“I don’t know,” Bisping said. “It was a close fight; personally I thought I won the first two rounds.”

Bisping feels he took Round 1 on aggression and effective striking and that the guillotine attempt in Round 2 wasn’t enough to award Silva the round with. Obviously he lost the 3rd round after the knockdown and some domination by Silva in the stand up game.

“Wanderlei did a great job, congratulations to him, full credit him on winning the fight. Personally apart from the guillotine and when I got dropped in the third, but apart from that as far as round two I didn’t really have any offense come my way. I felt I clearly won those first two rounds.”

Bisping has shown frustration in his recent record which stands at 1-2. Especially after he was so close to a title shot last year until he was brutally knocked out by Dan Henderson at UFC 100 and dropped out of title contention.

“I trained my *ss off. My team works really hard. We don’t put all this effort in to lose to a good fight or a good performance. Yes Wandy is a legend and I was very proud to fight him, but I’m a little disappointed right now.”

He also said how he wanted to make a swift return to prove his worth and would definitely consider a rematch. After this loss though he will need to fight more top fighters and win to hope to be back in contention in a stacked 185lb UFC division.


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