UFC 299 fight cast into doubt, fans speculate Benoit Saint-Denis struck down with nasty staph infection

Benoit Saint-Denis staph infection face UFC 299 fight thrown into jeopardy Dustin Poirier

UFC lightweight Benoit Saint-Denis appears to have a staph infection just days out from his UFC 299 co-main event fight with Dustin Poirier.

As part of his media duties, Saint-Denis has been subjected to numerous interviews and photoshoots which has meant his face has been front and centre for all to see. Why would that be a problem? Well, it appears the Frenchman has picked up a skin infection, on his face

Numerous fighters and fans would point out the possible infection via social media, but there has been no response from either Saint-Denis or his team to this point. There has also been no comment from the UFC, but it will likely get brought up at some point this week.

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Benoit Saint-Denis’ condition called into question

While not the most serious case, the almost crater-like appearance does suggest that Saint-Denis has a staph infection, which is common for MMA fighters. Staph infections are caused by a bacteria called staphylococcus and is often picked up through close skin-on-skin contact and can flare up from something as small as a graze or ingrown hair. It will require at the very least antibiotics and often is nothing too serious, but more severe cases can result in hospitalisation and even death. 

With small skin infections, fighters will sometimes try and enter a fight, particularly if it is one of the magnitude of Saint-Denis’ upcoming clash. Not only can this put Benoit Saint-Denis’ opponent, Dustin Poirier, at risk by giving it through direct contact, but infectious bacteria can also be left on the canvas leaving the rest of the night’s fighters the possibility of also picking it up. 

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It can also have an impact on an athlete’s performance and can leave fighters feeling weak, slow and with a depleted gas tank. 

How do you think the possible staph infection will impact Benoit Saint-Denis come fight night?