Earlier today, Darren Till rushed Ben Askren’s Q&A going right before the UFC London ceremonial weigh-ins, forcing security to escort him out. It’s time Askren reacts to the scene.

Till and ‘Funky’ have been building quite the rivalry on social media as of late, with several entertaining exchanges heating up. Askren promised to fly to Britain to call out the winner of Till’s main event versus Jorge Masvidal from the O2 Arena tomorrow.

He did just that. And not surprisingly, the fans were quite forcefully rooting against him due to their admiration for Liverpudlian Till. Askren commented on the wild scene after the run-in was over. First, Askren said the London crowd was wild, so he had to be on top of his game:

“Oh, they were a wild crowd. They were very anti-Ben Askren. So, I had to get on top of my game and fight hard.”

Then he seemingly enjoyed Till’s attempted rushing of the stage:

“That was funny. He popped out of there. I mean, they love him here, right? They love him here, so. They love him, they hate me, it’s all good.”

But Askren wasn’t as complimentary of UFC Europe’s claims about the run-in. They posted that he and Till “had almost come to blows.”

“Funky’ said that was fake news:

Indeed, the fighters were quite a few feet away from one another, and the situation was defused immediately.

Either way, Askren continues to make a splash anywhere he goes. He’s arguably the fastest-rising star in the UFC right now. A bout with Till is looking to be huge, so the UFC is hoping he can defeat Masvidal tomorrow.