Ben Askren has claimed that Youtuber, Jake Paul has gone silent after he accepted Paul’s fight offer. (H/T BJPenn)

Jake Paul has made a name for himself in the world of combat sports after he knocked out basketballer, Nate Robinson. He has gone on to call out notable names such as Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, Ben Askren himself and even UFC President, Dana White.

Now Ben Askren has took to Twitter to ask Jake Paul why he hasn’t responded to his acceptance of a fight between the pair.

Speaking to his 350,000+ Twitter followers, Ben Askren said: “So let me give you a little recap of the situation, I’m retired, coaching wrestling, doing some podcasts, buying some Bitcoin, enjoying life. I don’t really wanna fight anybody. So in November, this jabroni Jake Paul calls me out, puts up a poster with my name, ha ha ha its’ kinda funny. Whatever, right? No big deal.”

“Well then, a couple weeks later, I get a couple texts and a week after that I get some calls and I get an offer.” Ben Askren continued. “Okay, this guy really wants to fight. Am I opposed to making some easy money? Beating up a YouTuber? Of course I’m not. So what do I do? ‘Sure, Jacob, I’ll fight you’. No problem. I accept publicly, on Twitter, nonetheless. Since then Jacob has gone silent. Jacob is kind of a coward. Sorry guys, I don’t think the fight is happening.”

Ben Askren was recently offered assistance in training for a fight with Paul by former UFC Lightweight Champion, Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis.

Ben Askren has often been criticised for his striking but he believes he can beat Jake Paul who is ‘pretending to be an athlete’ according to Askren.

Do you think Jake Paul will choose to fight Askren and if he does who wins?