Former UFC Light Heavyweight Championship contender Anthony Smith had almost one full year off from fighting in the octagon before stepping back in this May to fight Glover Teixeira.

Smith was the presumptuous favorite heading into the bout, but Teixeira had his way with lionheart and battered him before securing a TKO in the 4th round. Smith is going to get back in the octagon following this brutal loss and face Alexander Rakic in a couple of weeks on August 29th. Smith recently explained why he thought it was too much time off,

“Too much, I would’ve gotten in there sooner. I think historically, I do better when I’m running out there a bunch and I’m super active. I was off for like 13 months going into that Glover fight and I don’t do well with long breaks, I don’t like long breaks,” Anthony Smith said to Line Movement. “My life falls apart, my mind falls apart. I just don’t do well when I don’t have a goal. I wanted to get right back in there and I would’ve fought sooner had I been given the opportunity.”

While Smith of course know Rakic will be a dangerous and tough test, he believes this training camp and quick turnaround can only help him, “I’m healthy man and I feel good, nothing is banged up and I’m in a good place mentally. I tend to perform better coming off a loss,” Smith added. “So, unfortunately for Aleksandar Rakic that is his duty.”

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