Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith believes that Max Rohskopf isn’t a quitter after retiring on the stool at the end of the second round against Austin Hubbard last Saturday.

The UFC light-heavyweight spoke to his Twitter followers after interviewing Max, he said. ” One of the realest interviews I’ve ever done with someone. Say what you want, the man i talked to today isn’t a quitter. He learned a valuable lesson the hard way and in front of the world. He has character traits that will take him far. Head up, kid. You’re gonna be just fine.”

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After taking the fight on five days notice, Rohskopf had some success in round one with his wrestling. However he ultimately faded in the second round as he gassed out in what was scored a 10-8 round. The fighter then urged his corner to call the fight at the end of the round which Max eventually did himself despite his coaches trying to persuade him to continue.

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Anthony Smith has joined Dana White in supporting Max’s decision. The UFC boss was speaking at the press conference after the Blaydes v Volkov card where he told reporters “In this sport, if you’re done; you’re done. You should absolutely be able to quit.”

Anthony Smith’s name was recently in the ‘quitting’ debate after he suffered a 5th round TKO to Glover Teixeira. Smith’s corner came under scrutiny for not pulling Anthony out of his main event against Teixeira. The US fighter was damaged and told his corner at the end of the fourth round that his teeth had fallen out. However, Smith spoke after the fight and said he would’ve fired his corner if they would have thrown the towel in.

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Do you think Max Rohskov was right to call his fight at the end of round two?