Anthony Smith Believes Luke Rockhold Deserved KO Loss

Luke Rockhold unimpressed
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Anthony Smith and Luke Rockhold have had a feud going on for quite some time. As the former middleweight champion announced he would be moving up to light heavyweight he had some choice words for “Lionheart”.

He believed Smith was not a legitimate threat at light heavyweight and his wins were easy. But, when Rockhold made the move to light heavyweight at UFC 239, he was knocked out by Jan Blachowicz.

For Anthony Smith, he wishes he could have been the guy to knockout Luke Rockhold like that. But, he is happy it happened to him anyways as he says he deserved it.

“I would have loved to have been the guy that put Rockhold out like that. But I think it serves him right,” Smith told SiriusXM Fight Nation (H/T to MMA Fighting). “All the trash talk, all the ‘Anthony Smith is a bum. Gustafsson’s gonna roll over him and I’m gonna starch Jan,’ and just the disrespect and just looking right over Jan. 

“So it’s unfortunate that his jaw is broken. I don’t want anybody to get hurt but it is nice to, again, see Rockhold get it shoved right in his face. Every single time he’s trashed talked somebody and been too cocky and thought he was too good for everybody and that his sh*t doesn’t stink, he ends up being the one that looks stupid. So I’m glad that the MMA gods made sure that that kept happening. Again, it’s unfortunate. I don’t want anyone to get hurt but I think that all the embarrassment and the finger-pointing and the laughing that’s happening to him right now, I think he absolutely deserves it.”

It seemed likely the two would eventually fight had Rockhold won at UFC 239. Now, it seems unlikely to happen which Smith is mad about. Regardless, “Lionheart” is still a top contender at 205-pounds, while the same can not be said at Rockhold.

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