Rockhold Fires Back At Anthony Smith: “I’ll Own That Kid”

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Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold had plenty to say in response to Anthony Smith’s recent comments.

Smith unloaded on Rockhold when he was asked about him at the UFC Seasonal Press Conference, notably calling him a “piece of s**t” and that he would “drill a hole in his face.”

“Lionheart” was aggravated at past comments Rockhold made looking down on him as a fighter. But for Rockhold, Smith’s response just shows that the truth hurts.

“The truth hurts. I don’t know, some people just can’t take the truth,” Rockhold told TMZ. “The problem is I always tell it so he can keep talking, keep running his mouth but he had his opportunity. He could have manned up instead of being a b***h and the errand boy for the UFC.

“There’s balls to take fights and there’s balls to not take fights. I saw his interview and he obviously didn’t want to take this fight. He wanted to take time off, could have done that. Could have stuck to your word because I would have been right here, first thing I asked the UFC after that fight was to make this thing happen. Then he bitched out, ran their errands and went out to Stockholm.”

“Ain’t Got What It Takes”

Smith will be facing Alexander Gustafsson at UFC Stockholm on June 1 while Rockhold will make his light heavyweight debut against Jan Blachowicz at UFC 239 the following month.

And he had some advice as well as harsh words for Smith.

“Better focus on the fight coming up because my opinion is he’s about to get his a** kicked,” Rockhold added. “Go out there and go take your a** whooping and come talk to me afterwards. I don’t think much of Anthony Smith, I don’t think he’s very tough, technical, talented.

“He ain’t got what it takes. He’s not going to be drilling nothing. I will own that kid from start to finish anywhere he wants to go. He’s not really on my radar. I’m going to go do my thing and I’ll enjoy watching him get beat up in Stockholm.”

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