Anderson Silva Posts Emotional Response To UFC 208 Haters


Anderson Silva has had enough of the critics following his controversial UFC 208 win over Derek Brunson.

After the longtime former champion ‘Spider’ skated by via unanimous decision to score his first official win since October 2012, Brunson has gone as far as officially appealing the loss after saying he had ‘outclassed the greatest of all time but got robbed.’ Many MMA fans have echoed the sentiment, and the majority of media members scoring the fight cageside gave it to Brunson.

But the MMA legend wants his doubters to put his body of work in perspective, posting a lengthy response on Facebook where he declared he’s the ‘best in the world’:

“Nowadays it’s easy to say that the fight is my root, there is a lot of people who talk about fighting and do not know what it says. So when you go up in the octagon, first look who I am, respect who got where I came from. I arrived very well, without disrespecting anyone, with much struggle and pride in the chest.

So, you who talk too much, find out first who I am and what I did in this sport.

Many people find me arrogant and overbearing? I can be it and more, not because I am considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. No, no, it’s my feats, that’s what I really did for this sport. I broke barriers all over the world where I fought, Pride, Shooto, Mecca and other events that these speakers have never heard of and do not know what they are like. I am from a different era, when had no weight limit or time limit. I really fought for passion, not for money or fame. Speakers and frustrated fighters, who read this text, I can be arrogant, arrogant and much more than that, I am Anderson Silva, who made and makes a difference in sports.

I’m not afraid and I do not flee fighting, I defended the belt for 10 years, none of the last champions managed to defend for more than 3 fights.

So thank you to all who like me and those who do not like me, they will have to accept that Anderson da Silva, The spider, is a fact and can not change. I’m the best in the world, yes! To the joy of many and the sorrow of others.

I can only say that we will soon see ourselves in the octagons of life.”

While the stats would certainly suggest Silva would have a tough time winning on the judges’ cards at UFC 208 after Brunson landed several more strikes and got the only takedowns of the bout, it’s also hard to deny Silva’s body of work that includes UFC records for most consecutive wins and title defenses.

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While that obviously shouldn’t come into play in terms of judging one sole fight, Brunson suggested that the judges – in addition to the New York City crowd – were awestruck by “The Spider,” and that’s what lead to them giving him the nod.

Whether that’s true or not, Silva wants his and all fight fans to remember what he’s accomplished, and that he can still hang with the top middleweights of today.