Alistair Overeem: Fedor is the one to beat, and I am the chosen one who can do it

Strikeforce Champion Alistair Overeem will step into the cage this Saturday against Brett “The Grim” Rogers at Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery, to defend his title for the first time in three years. But despite facing the dangerous knockout machine in Brett Rogers, K-1 Gran Prix 3rd Place says his only goal this year is to fight Fedor Emelianenko. The Dutchman spoke to MMAWeekly about his true goals behind fighting Brett Rogers: “I would have wanted to fight against Fedor, but I guess his management has other ‘priorities’ for him. So I will prove to the world after I win against Rogers that Fedor must accept the fight with me. Fedor proved himself as the best, but he has not been really fighting a lot in the last years because of bad management. I have fighting rhythm and got stronger and competed also in the best stand-up league in the world and got a third place at the WGP K-1 finals in 2009, something Fedor never did. He is big and has a strong punch, but I have fought way better and stronger opponents than him. I do not see any problems for me in this fight. Fedor is the one to beat and I am the chosen one who can do this.””The Demolition Man” Alistair Overeem is currently training at the world-famous Golden Glory Gym, having a long Muay Thai preparation camp in Pattaya, Thailand. Overeem is currently 32-11 in his Mixed Martial Arts career, with notable victories over Mark Hunt, Vitor Belfort and Sergei Kharitonov. In his last K-1 bout, Alistair Overeem knocked out (knee) the veteran Dzevad Poturak after just 2:40 of the first round.