AKA Thailand – Combat Luxury Training Resort In Phuket

AKA Thailand

American Kickboxing is known for being one of the top MMA academies in the world. The gym also has an incredible sister academy located in beautiful Phuket called AKA Thailand which has been voted the best Muay Thai school in Thailand by the Thai Government in 2021, 2022 & 2023 and boasts 52 staff onsite and 77 worldwide.

  • Gym: AKA Thailand
  • Address: 47/31-32 Moo 4 Soi Sermsuk, Wiset Rd, Rawai, Phuket 83130, Thailand
  • Website(s): Main, Facebook, Twitter
  • Founder, Owner and CEO: Mike Swick

It’s one of the great vacation destinations if you want to train Muay Thai and MMA in paradise. Read below to learn everything that you need to know about AKA Thailand.

The AKA Thailand Stories 

If you’re a big fight fan, you probably are already well aware of the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California. The elite gym that founder and head coach Javier Mendez built, where numerous champions have trained.

Numerous high-level fighters have trained at the gym over the years. This includes UFC and TUF vet Mike “Quick” Swick.

AKA Thailand

During the 2000s, Swick was one of AKA’s top UFC fighters, who was known for his well-rounded skills. One of the most notable aspects of Mike’s game was the speed of his striking.

Every year, Swick would make multiple trips to Thailand to work on his striking. Like many who travel to train in Thailand, Swick fell in love with the beauty and culture of the nation.

After Mike retired from fighting, he got together with AKA coach Javier Mendez with an idea. He wanted to open an AKA affiliate fight camp in Phuket, Thailand.

Build a state-of-the-art gym, where people from around the world can train in comfort while vacationing. Mendez gave his blessing and a short time later, AKA Thailand was founded.

It’s the first luxury training resort, where everyone of all skill levels can train. AKA Thailand has been open for over a decade and has countless reviews calling it the world’s best fight training resort.

Founder, Owner and CEO

Mike Swick

AKA Thailand is run by founder Mike “Quick” Swick. Swick had a 10+ year fighting career, where he had fifteen pro fights within the UFC.

He is one of the originals from AKA, who has been training in Thailand since the year 2000.


AKA Thailand has incredibly skilled coaches, who are ready to help improve your fighting skills.

Dillon Croushorn

Dillon Croushorn is the assistant MMA coach and BJJ instructor at AKA Thailand. Croushorn has been a martial artist for over 30 years, who has competed in everything from kickboxing to BJJ.

In his kickboxing career, Dillon has fought in over 270 amateur fights and 125 professional Thai boxing bouts. He was able to to four kickboxing world titles and 5 Muay Thai titles during his fighting career.

Dillon is also a BJJ practitioner with over ten years of training and will improve your fight game in all facets.

Thai Boxing Instructors 

Mike Swick and the AKA Thailand team were able to assemble some of the world’s best Thai boxing coaches. Here are just five of the highly-experienced Muay Thai coaches, who are ready to help you at AKA Thailand.

Kru Yuth

Kru Yuth is the head Muay Thai trainer at AKA Thailand, who is one of the most experienced trainers in Phuket. Yuth has been a Thai boxing practitioner and fighter since the age of six, who has competed in over 400 pro bouts.

In his long fighting career, Yuth was able to win 8 championship titles in multiple weight classes. He has an old school style and will put you through hard old-fashioned Thai training sessions.

Kru Son

Kru Son has over 30 years of experience in Muay Thai both as a fighter and a trainer. As a fighter, Son fought in 260 pro Thai boxing bouts and won a 128 lbs title. He’s been a trainer for years and is one of the favorites of those who have stayed at the resort.

Kru Dit 

Kru Dit had an extensive 10-year fighting career, where he fought 200 pro fights. Dit is extremely passionate about Muay Thai, who loves teaching the fighting style and welcomes anyone to train with him.

Kru Chai

Kru Chai was a well-established Thai boxer, who competed at the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium at just 10-years old. Chai competed in over 200 fights and is now one of AKA Thailand’s most experienced coaches.

Kru Pond

Kru Pond has been a Muay Thai practitioner since the age of five and competed in hundreds of pro fights. Pond has been a well-established trainer for a number of years, and is one of the gym’s best counter-attack experts.

The AKA Thailand Facilities

AKA Thailand was the very first fight resort established in Thailand and has everything you need during your stay. Here are all of the facilities and amenities that the gym currently offers.

Muay Thai Training Center

The Muay Thai training center at AKA Thailand is a massive 6,000 sq ft(560 sq m) space. It’s complete with numerous heavy bags, and two standard-size Thai boxing rings to get your training in.

MMA/BJJ Facility 

The MMA and BJJ Facility at the fight resort is also enormous, which is the same size as the Muay Thai area. The entire training area is fully padded with the best mats available on the market.

Fitness Building 

AKA Thailand also comes complete with a full fitness building, which includes numerous weight sets and cardio machines. The fitness area also has numerous bags available if you want to include striking in your workouts.

Basketball Court 

The founders of the gyms also included a full-sized basketball court on the outside of the gym. Just in case, you want to have a pick-up game in between training sessions.

Ice Baths 

After 5:30, Monday through Friday, you have the option of cooling off in AKA Thailand’s large ice baths. You get to relax after your day of training surrounded by the beautiful nature of Phuket.

Showroom & Pro Shop 

AKA Thailand has all of the clothes and training gear you need for your stay at their stocked pro shop. You can also purchase a wide array of vitamins and supplements at the pro shop to enhance your training.

Contender Cafe & Restaurant

Whenever you want to relax and get a bite to eat, the Contender Cafe & Restaurant is open all day. The restaurant also puts on all the major fighting events for you to watch when you’re not training.

AKA Thailand Ring

AKA Thailand Overview

AKA Thailand is not only the first fight camp resort built in beautiful Phuket, Thailand but one of the best reviewed. Since the gym opened over a decade ago, it has received countless positive reviews from both fighters and hobbyists.

The majority of the reviews praise AKA as being one of the best gyms for tourists to come train in Thailand. Check out the gym’s website to book your next visit when you visit ‘The Land of Smiles’.