After Studying Their Movement, Conor McGregor Plans To Purchase A Tiger

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Aside from his massive fight-ending straight left hand, there may be nothing other than his trademark movement that defines new interim UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor inside the cage.

He’s had a well-documented affinity with the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, which blends dancing and fighting into a rhythmic melody. During his meteoric rise to his lofty position as one of the biggest stars in the UFC, McGregor has taken his training a step further and begun imitating the movement of various wild animals.

Recently CNN’s Rachel Nichols asked ‘Notorious’ about this shall we say, ‘unique’ training practice, and McGregor clarified that not only did he study the movement of dangerous predatory animals, he plans on buying his own tigers and training with them at his mansion in Las Vegas:

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“It’s something I look to incorporate into my own game. I’m actually in the process of looking to purchase one of these animals. I think a tiger, a nice colored tiger. An orange and black one.”

With unordinary aspects throughout his well-known, polarizing personality, it’s no surprise that McGregor has eve more off-the-wall prospects for his training and his newfound fortune. He’s seen a meteoric rise to fame as the one of the fastest fighters to win a UFC belt, and we shouldn’t expect anything less from the talented and talkative Irish superstar.

But we’ve seen another decorated fighter use his newfound fortune on tigers, and that didn’t work out so well. Hopefully, ‘Notorious’ has learned from ‘Iron Mike’s’ mistakes. In the meantime, check out the interview above.