Heading into UFC Fight Night 68 (June 6, 2015), Dan Henderson was an ageing 44-year-old veteran who had lost five out of his last six bouts, some in devastating fashion. Many were calling for his retirement, but “Hendo” may have bought himself some more time, impressing many with a brutal first-round knockout of Tim Boetsch in the main event.

Now back to his winning ways, Henderson may have some options for his next bout. One possibility could be a rematch with old rival No. 10-ranked Michael “The Count” Bisping. After coaching opposite each other on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 9, “Hendo” famously knocked out Bisping at UFC 100 with one of the greatest one-punch knockouts the sport has ever seen.

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Due to the nature of the amazing knockout, the former Olympian isn’t interested in a rematch with “The Count”, knowing that he couldn’t top what he did the first time:

“I don’t even think it’s worth doing, to have a rematch with him,” Henderson said Monday on The MMA Hour. “I could never top what I did the last time. So why diminish that?

“Even if I knocked him out again, it wouldn’t be nearly as gratifying for the fans as the first time.”

Bisping who is also now a veteran of the sport, has expressed interest in getting revenge on Henderson over the years, but “Hendo” finds it funny that the Brit will never get to change what happened:

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“It’s fun for me to have him kind of know that he’ll never be able to make up for that, or change that,” Henderson said.

Another possibility could be a bout with No. 8-ranked Tim Kennedy. Kennedy hasn’t competed since last September, but recently expressed interest in fighting Henderson via twitter, another bout that “Hendo” has no interest in, saying that it wouldn’t be exciting for the fans:

“I think I saw that,” Henderson said. “I wasn’t overly interested in fighting Tim. I like Tim. He represents the sport well and you know, I just don’t think it would be that exciting of a fight for the fans, just with his style and mine.”

So what does Henderson want as he nears the end of his contract? The former Pride champion said that he would be interested in rematches with Gegard Mousasi and Vitor Belfort. Mousasi finished “Hendo” rather controversially in just over a minute last Janaury, while Belfort also got the job done in just over a minute in November 2013.

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It seems like “Dangerous Dan” is out for some revenge.

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