8 Of The Best Conor McGregor Quotes

8 Of The Best Conor McGregor Quotes

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Conor McGregor is arguably the most popular mixed martial arts fighter in the world. His influence has transcended the sport in many ways and also inspired a generation of young and hungry fighters. 

With his new Netflix series “McGregor Forever” and being a head coach in season 31 of “The Ultimate Fighter”, we are excited to see what he has in store for all of us. As we look forward to his upcoming projects, let’s go over some of his best quotes.

1) “I just want to say this from the bottom of my heart. I’d like to take this chance to apologize… to absolutely NOBODY! The double champ does what he wants!”

After beating the UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez, Conor asserted his dominance in the post-fight interview. He became the first UFC fighter to simultaneously hold two belts in different weight classes. Rising through the ranks, Conor took every opportunity to prove his greatness, even if it meant moving up a weight class and beating the champion. In life, we must take action toward our dreams and do whatever we must to achieve them, as long as we do not step on other people.

2) “We’re not here to take part. We are here to take over!”

Likely to be included as one of the most electrifying quotes of all time, all eyes were on Conor after his impressive win against Diego Brandao in the UFC Fight Night 46 event. Conor’s extreme confidence is an example for us to rise from mediocrity and become better versions of ourselves. It does not matter where we’re from; what’s important is we move forward even when times are rough.

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3) “I said I’d knock him out in the first round, and I knocked him out in the first round. You can call me Mystic Mac because I predict these things”.

Conor’s world-class striking ability, combined with his extreme confidence, enables him to rattle many of his opponents even before the first punch is thrown. He has predicted many of his spectacular finishes days before the actual fight. He TKO’d the ultra-tough Dustin Poirier in the first round (as he predicted), calling himself “Mystic Mac” in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. Let’s discuss the fight for a little bit. With 90 seconds into the fight, Conor began talking to Dustin, and a few seconds after, Conor landed a left hook that instantly hurt his opponent. He followed up with more strikes (ground and pound) to finish the fight convincingly.

During the interview, Conor said, “If one of us go to war, we all go to war,” a testament to his loyalty and love for his country Ireland.

4) “You’ll do nothing!”

Fighting is psychological as much as it is physical. Trash talking, a specialty of Conor, allows him to mentally defeat his opponents with ease. The Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz rivalry is an absolutely legendary feud and is by far one of the most entertaining rivalries in all of sports.

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Their press conference antics were something to behold. The King of Trash Talk Conor McGregor against the Stockton Bad Boy Nate Diaz. It was the stuff of dreams and fight fans from all over the world loved every minute of it.

5) “Surprise, surprise! The King is back!”

Conor Mcgregor best one strike knockouts

After avenging his loss to Nate Diaz in 2016, Conor once again stole the microphone, to the delight of the crowd. Evidently, his game plan was to keep the fight standing, trading shots and aiming for Diaz’s leg. Conor managed to drop Nate in the fight and won via decision. The fight ended with both fighters giving respect to each other. Will we ever see a third fight between the two down the road? Only time will tell.

6. “Who the f*** is that guy?!”

During a press conference filled with top-ranking fighters, a fan asked Conor who would give him the most challenging fight. Jeremy Stephens took to the microphone and claimed to be the hardest-hitting 145-pounder. Conor then looked around and said, “Who the f*** is that guy?!” implying that Stephens is a nobody compared to him.

7. “There is no friends in this business. You are either here to win, or you are simply a filler.”

Conor Mcgregor 2

It’s impressive how Conor can be abrasive one day and inspiring the next. As one of the Ultimate Fighter coaches, he reminded his fighters that being in the present moment is all that matters, and to never waste the opportunity in front of them as it may be their ticket to the big show. Conor reminds us that we need to focus on ourselves in these critical moments because, at the end of the day, victory will always favour the brave. The sport of MMA is harsh, and there’s no way around it. These young fighters need to learn that there’s only a small window to become successful in the sport. If you think about it, what Conor said is spot-on and will surely resonate with these fighters for years.

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8) “I didn’t have money before this. I was collecting €188 a week off the social welfare. And now here I am, with like 60 G’s bonus and then my own pay. I don’t know what is going on to be honest”

8 Of The Best Conor McGregor Quotes

Conor is a prime example of someone who will do whatever it takes to reach his goals. Goal-setting is critical to success because it serves as your roadmap to get what you want out of life. While receiving support from your family and friends is always welcome, you must be the first to think that you can achieve anything you put time into. What starts in the mind will pave the way for your choices, actions, and priorities.


Conor McGregor is one of the most entertaining fighters of all time. While we can all probably agree that he is not the best role model out there, we can learn a thing or two about his rise to the top. No matter our circumstances, we should always seek to become the best version of ourselves in every aspect.