10 Times MMA Stars Went Crazy Overseas

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Tito Ortiz’s Street Fight With Lee Murray In London

Following a night of partying after UFC 38 in London, England, back in the summer of 2002, a number of fighters spilled out of a club into a back alley.

Pat Miletich and a friend of Tito Ortiz’s began play-fighting, but Tony Fryklund thought they were being serious and put Ortiz’s acquaintance in a chokehold.

Miletich told Fryklund to let him go and he complied, but after Ortiz’s friend started shouting at him a member of Lee Murray’s entourage charged in and knocked him old cold.

A brawl then broke out, with Miletich recalling that Chuck Liddell had his back against a wall and was knocking people out as they came to him.

Meanwhile, Ortiz went after Murray but missed with a hook, and then the British fighter unleashed a multiple punch combo that, depending on whose account you believe, either dropped him to his knees or knocked him out, and then proceeded to stomp on his head several times.

Ortiz has always been adamant that he wasn’t knocked out, admitting that he was floored, but claiming he then got straight back to his feet.