10 Times MMA Stars Went Crazy Overseas

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Junie Browning’s Life-Threatening Brawl In Thailand

Back in December of 2011, one of the most notorious ‘bad boys’ to have ever come out of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality show, Junie Browning, attended a birthday party at a bar in Thailand with his girlfriend and things soon spiraled out of control.

Whether you believe Browning’s account that he was initially attacked by the bar owner and a female tourist for no reason, or their version that it was he who had started the brawl, leaving five members of staff and tourists requiring hospital treatment, there is no doubt that ‘The Lunatic’ came off by far the worst.

During the chaotic scenes that followed Brown found himself coming under seige from a group consisting of bar staff, tourists, and locals, during which he was hit over the head with a bottle and a beer mug, in addition to being stabbed in the arm and neck, while being punched and kicked on the floor.

Browning required CPR twice in the ambulance on the way to hospital afterward and requiring staples to close multiple severe gashes on his scalp, but he survived, and in fact, then initiated a second brawl with several of his attackers who also ended up receiving treatment in the same room as him.

Browning’s ordeal wasn’t over there, however, because he and his girlfriend received warnings that the Thai mafia were out to get him, resulting in the pair going on the run for 10 days before he finally turned himself into police custody and was eventually allowed to return home.