Joe Rogan’s Demo For ‘Duke Roufus University’

These days Duke Roufus is best known for coaching former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, but back in the day he was a champion kickboxer who was known to be a destructive kicker in his own right.

However, he was only too happy to talk technique with Rogan for his ‘Duke Roufus Striking University’ video series, and the mutal respect between the two is clear to see.

Joe Rogan Breaks Down The ‘Imanari’ Finish

His kicks are clearly powerful, but let’s not forget that Rogan isn’t just a striker all-around.

Here he is giving a glimpse of his black belt level jiu-jitsu skills while breaking down the ‘Imanari’ finish step-by-step at the ‘Onnit’ Academy.