10 Real-Life Giant vs. Giant Fights In MMA

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Bob Sapp Alan Karaev

Bob Sapp vs. Alan Karaev

A former Russian sumo wrestler and multiple-time world arm-wrestling champion, the 6’7”, 400-pound Alan Karaev appeared to have the physical proportions to give even the 6’4”, 320-pound Bob Sapp problems when they met at Hero’s 2 in 2005.

By this stage Sapp was at his peak, as he’d not only compiled a 7-2-1 MMA record, but he was also less than a month removed from having won the K-1 kickboxing World Grand Prix 2005, taking his fame to new heights in Japan.

Showing no respect for his accomplishments, Karaev blitzed Sapp with strikes in the opening seconds of the fight and then managed to take ‘The Beast’ down before he had a chance to retaliate.

From there Karaev moved to full mount, but after a failed rear-naked choke it was Sapp’s turn to get on top and take full mount.

The two Titans would reverse position twice more before a lack of action led to the referee standing them back up.

That played in Sapp’s favor as on the reset he immediately started to find a home for his left hand, connecting with it several times, with the final one sending the Russian crashing onto the canvas for a knockout finish.

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