10 MMA Fighters Who Passed Away In 2016

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As 2016 rapidly draws to a conclusion and we take stock of the year gone by, one trend that casts a long shadow is the alarming number of past and present MMA fighters who’ve died over the past 12 months.

Unfortunately the sport of mixed martial arts is still too young for this to simply be a case of stars passing away due to old age. In fact, with the age of the 10 fighters listed here ranging from just 25-49 years old, we are left having to come to terms with the fact that these were 10 lives that were simply taken far too soon.

A knee-jerk reaction would be to assume that these deaths occurred due to injuries they sustained in the cage, but the truth is that only one of the ten passed away in that manner – although we can surely all agree that’s one too many.

As you’ll read in the pages to follow however, the reasons for the others deaths are just as hard to accept, from sudden medical emergencies to apparent suicide, from freak accidents to cold-blooded murder.

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