UFC on FOX 6 Results Recap: Demetrious Johnson retains title belt


UFC on Fox 6 came at us live from Chicago, Illinois and provided some entertaining fights for the fans. Demetrious Johnson faced off with John Dodson for the Flyweight strap. The battle began with Dodson landing some great shots, dropping Johnson on separate occasions. But Johnson came back strong and kept fighting on, with a very powerful series of knees to end the bout. Ultimately Mighty Mouse took home the decision victory to retain the belt. Check out the fight video highlights for this fight right here.

Rampage Jackson fought the rising Light Heavyweight Glover Teixeira in a back and forth affair. Rampage used his trademark boxing early and often, but Teixeira repeatedly landed power strikes of his own. Teixeira seemed to have superior octagon control, and held the advantage in the wrestling and grappling departments. He took home a unanimous decision.

Anthony Pettis made a strong case for a UFC Lightweight title shot by using his trademark kicks to great effect against Donald Cerrone. The two came out trading, with Pettis landing an impressive knee off the cage, a la The Showtime Kick. He then scored an absolutely devastating kick to the body, knocking Cerrone out.

Ricardo Lamas fought a Featherweight bout with Erik Koch that began slowly but ended quickly and in brutal fashion. Lamas peppered a grounded Koch with punches and finished off with a series of dangerous and bloody elbows. A tough loss for Koch, who was at one point scheduled to face Jose Aldo.

UFC on Fox 6 Full Results:

Main Card:

Demetrious Johnson def. John Dodson via Split Decision

Glover Teixeira def. Quinton Jackson via Unanimous Decision

Anthony Pettis def. Donald Cerrone via R1 TKO (Body Kick)

Ricardo Lamas def. Erik Koch via R2 TKO (Elbows)

Preliminary Card:

TJ Grant def. Matt Wiman via R1 TKO (Strikes)

Clay Guida defeated Hatsu Hioki via Split Decision  

Ryan Bader defeated Vladimir Matyushenko via R1 Submission (Guillotine)

Shawn Jordan defeated Mike Russow via R2 TKO (Strikes)

Pascal Krauss defeated Mike Stumpf via Unanimous Decision

David Mitchell defeated Simeon Thorensen via Unanimous Decision

Rafael Natal def. Sean Spencer via R3 Submission (Arm Triangle)

  • Anthony Pettis is the best lightweight on the planet, plain and simple.
    This is coming from someone who isn't a big fan of his, even though I enjoy watching him.

    Finishing Cerrone like that speaks volumes and I think it's indisputable that Pettis is easily the best LW striker and right up there with Aldo and Jones, only behind Anderson in stand up. He has always been good but his ability to take out the elite with his ever improving crazy combination of technique, power, creativity and timing is really coming to fruition.
    I honestly think he beats Bendo again, quite handily. Henderson won't be able to pick him apart on the outside like he did with Diaz , he won't be able to take Pettis down at will or bully him in the clinch either.

    I'm extremely confident in saying, provided no injuries or unseeable setbacks occur, Anthony Pettis will be a UFC champion before the year is over.

    • Well also keep in mind Cerrone is not a guy who ill grab a double leg and put you on your back. Guida showed us all a thing or two.

    • How do you enjoy watching him but not be a fan? Isnt enjoying someone fight the reason you become a fan?

      And ya Pettis is definitely up there with Silva, so few fighters are that entertaining.

      • IDK highkick, Dodson is a great fighter, but I dont like him much. Silva is an awesome fighter and I cant stand him outside the cage.

    • When he is at 155lb Edgar is the best LW on the planet.

      • @azzkika I agree with you, Frankie Edgar is the best LW when he fights at 155 but he isn't a LW anymore.

    • D

      I agree with you that Pettis is an elite striker.

      Beating Bendo "handily" though…I don't see it. Pettis may have improved his takedown defense, but it won't be enough to stop him from spending a significant amount of time on his back in that fight. Bendo is a great wrestler. He avenges his loss.

      • You admit Pettis has improved his TDD so if he could negate Benson's TDs in the first, won't his improved grappling be even more advantageous this time?

  • Apart from Pettis, who i am obviously most impressed with, thee was many outstanding fighters tonight:

    Glover is the first man in years to stand toe to toe with Rampage and actually come out victorious and conscious, he even dropped him twice. I say give him someone like Davis, Griffin or even Shogun to advance him. He showed tonight he is definitely a legit and scary man at LHW.

    Lamas looked like a beast and beat the tan off Koch. Finishes of Koch, Swanson and a strong victory over Hioki in his career at 145 is extremely impressive, I think he deserves the shot and is actually a threat – good stand up, great striking and submission defense, very good wrestling and can submit you or knockout on the ground. If not for the title then KZ for #1 contender.

    TJ Grant looked incredible, I think he is a solid top 10 after beating Wiman who himself looked great recently. With brutal stand up, great wrestling and very dangerous submissions he is a dangerous fight for anyone at LW and he just keeps getting better.
    A fight with Miller or Josh Thomson would be a good fight IMO, maybe even Nate Diaz.


    • Zip

      What do you say when you agree over and over 😉 I'll try to disagree, Bendo will take Pettis, he took him last time except for the kick. Can't wait to see it again. However, I'm often wrong. Could be again.

      • That fight was dead even til Showtime kicked him down on his ass.. actually i had Pettis winning that "before" the kick but it was VERY close…

    • TJ had some nasty elbows. Solid stand up.
      I thought Lamas looked pretty bad until the whole slip thing where he ended up on top.
      I dont see how Glover fighting Forrest helps him at all, Forrest is a pretty big step below the top LHW competition these days.

  • Great job, Pettis. Cowboy got exactly what he deserved.

  • Pettis vs Bendo book it!

    • For sure, it's going down!

  • I'll say, I didnt like the way Rogan was gobbling Dodson's nuts in the 1st couple rounds. He'd get all excited when Dodson landed shots and ignored the times DJ landed punches. Glad DJ broke Dodson's will in the 4th and started smashing him with Muy Thai.
    Congrats DJ, good job bro!

    • I haven't been able to stand rogan for a while now, He's done it to long and they need a fresh voice. He was great for a while but always shows bias in fights and always tries calling the decisions. Replace him with anyone but chael sonnen.

      • @Entity and ripstic

        bloody hell guys lighten up and stop being so nitpicky.

        • nitpicky=critical lol…I admit, I cant stand Dodson. I was cheering when Mouse started kneeing his cranium repeatedly 😯 8))

    • Thats cause in the first half Dodson was actually doing damage with his shots. That all changed with the 10 knees he unloaded later on though.

    • Dodson was landing POWER shots… ofcourse DJ was landing too and was being far superior technically (which Rogan pointed out many many times as well).. so i dont get your point!

      • It's right there in black and white bro.

  • What ever happened to the Clay Guida who used to fight? I mean last time I checked UFC meant ultimate fighting championship, it seemed Hioki was doing a lot more damage from the bottom and was more active than Guida, I really had it with Jackson's and his running/neutralizing/safe team I am here to watch fight, not clowns running around and avoiding the fight, if you have someone down fucking do something, I mean look at GSP he takes you down and you are getting your face punched in and he is a Jackson fighter too.

    • Guida has always been a borefest.

      • Guida tires you out and grabs a sub if he can. Besides that, he has zero punching power.

    • I heard Guida just set a record for most wins without doing any damage.

      Whats worse? Watching him fight or looking at his stupid hair & mustache combo??

    • go fight yourself

      • Thanks for the advice but I can't fight anymore, in 2010 I re injured my knee and wrist in my last kick boxing fight and that was my last attempt to go back to fight after almost 6 years out, but that is a great advice kid, maybe you should follow it yourself.

      • Akordis, go frack yourself.

        Guida is a delusional dolt and should be cut. I'd respect him, Ariel and the UFC if they would have owned up to the robbery. Guida actually doubled down. Idiot.

    • Why would you say you've had it with Jackson's and then compliment one of his fighters for doing a good job? Surely it's the fighter and not the coach who is the problem then?

      Jones was 2-0 in the UFC with no finishes before he moved to train with Jackson and Winklejohn, since then he has finished 10/11 fights, including 4 brutal finishes over former UFC champions.

      • Because I had it with his stupid way to make exciting fighters boring and overly safe, Condit has been Jacksoned too, Guida used to be such an exciting fighter and look at him now, the whole sport is moving forward towards lay and pray or point fighting like if it was amateur boxing, it is not about the most technical fighter anymore, is about who can neutralize or avoid the fight, I also had it with the retarded method of judging fights, Hioki did a lot more than Guida did and they gave him the fight, honestly there is only a few fighters that I enjoy watching right now I am about this close to quit watching MMA.

  • Texeira is boring, he was afraid of standing with Jackson, rem…. Nah just bitchin, finally no more cry baby..Ryan Bader vs Glover Texeira makes sense. They both retired Jackson.

    • Akordas, I disagree with almost everything you think and say, but, it's your opinion so…….

      • sorry, I actually read the rest of what you said, well, thats a 1st time to agree 8))

  • pascal krauss yeah!

  • Surprised at Cerrone. He looked very tense and static and didn't open up at all against Pettis. He really is a Jeckyll & Hyde fighter. I thought it would be a close affair whoever won as I rate them both very highly but Cerrone looked like a different fighter last night and deserved to get beat. Rampage is too one dimensional for modern MMA and should retire or go into boxing but I doubt he has cardio for that. Glover looked pretty tight and controlled and will soon be a legit top5 if he carries on. Good to see fighters like him coming through as there is a bit of a gap between the top 5 or 6 LHWs and the rest of the pack. Grant looked very impressive (the way MMA is evolving it seems more fighters are learning to make the most of height and reach advantage if they have it – something Silva learned very early in his career) and deserves a top name next time out.

  • Great card but as always there is a stand out judges fiasco, can't remember the last time a there wasn't a judging fiasco at a UFC event. Guida did literally NOTHING the entire fight, clear 30-27 or 30-26 with Guida getting a point removed for not fighting.

  • I dislike fighters who talk a lot of trash so it was kind of cool seeing Cerroni falls to his knees.That Shotime Knee was nice, would of been awesome if he would of knocked Cowboy out with it.

    Damn, I just don't know why Guida gets so many cheers with his lack luster performances. Sure he was fighting at home but still, he needs more boos to wake him up and start fighting again. But honestly, I was just staring at the mustache…

    Loved DJ, didn't think I was gonna like the flyweight fight as much as I did. I'm a believer that he could headline a payperview.

    • The lighter divisions are better to watch because they have a higher work rate. KO's are also less likely so there's a greater chance of having FOTN in the lower divisions.

    • What trash did Cerrone talk? Saying he was going to win against Pettis who he thought was amazing?
      That's how fighters talk, nothing disrespectful about it just confidence.

      If your talking about him saying Pettis was scared, Cerrone admitted ages ago it was just to get the fight signed.

      I seem to remember as the fight starting Cerrone offering the respectful touch of gloves and Pettis ignoring the tradition gesture.

      • Cerrone has always talked trash- often in a disrespectful way beyond the norm as he did with Pettis. And of course chaos meant that – calling him a coward is about the worst thing you can say to a fighter. And of course Pettis refused to touch gloves, I would have done the same. There are other ways to get a fight other than saying someone is scared.

        • The Nate D. destruction was a bit satisfying.

  • -Lamas made Koch look like a non-contender and irrelevant fighter.
    -Pettis made Cerrone look like a bullied school boy.
    -Rampage proved again to everyone that he has nothing left to offer.
    -Dodson proved he has great heart, even though he is an annoying little pr*ck.

    Great fights!

    • Well, I tried to find something to disagree on, but couldnt Cage lmao

    • You should never read too much into a single fight. otherwise you'd have to agree based on the two matches JDS and Cain have had they are both amateur which we both know is bollocks lol. Sometimes you can get rocked early and made to look bad. Sometimes you are too tense (which is what I think happened to Cerrone) and don't come close to being at your best. Sometimes your opponent just has a great night and makes you look bad even though you aren't.