UFC 165 Results Recap: Jon Jones Retains The Belt In A Thriller


UFC 165 is in the books from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, and the fights delivered an awesome mix of action for the Canadian fans. UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones looked to make history with his sixth straight title defense against Alexander Gustafsson. The fight began with Jones utilizing a diverse array of low kicks and several spinning back kicks to the body. Gustafsson let his hands go, and nailed some crisp punches.

Gustafsson did the unthinkable and took Jones down for the first time ever, and ‘Bones’ ended the round with a strong elbow to the temple of the challenger. Jones kept the kicks coming in the second, scoring with both high and low. Gustafsson still held the advantage in boxing, scoring with jabs, overhand rights, and uppercuts. Jones fired more and more kicks, and landed a spinning elbow in the seesaw battle of a third round.

Gustafsson landed some hard left hooks to have Jones bleeding bad, but the champ came back with a vicious spinning elbow on the forehead to stun the challenger. ‘The Mauler’ was almost done, but survived to the fifth and final frame. Gustafsson recovered well at first, landing punches, but Jones secured his first takedown. Gustafsson appeared exhausted and ate several more headkicks. It was one of the best fights in UFC history, but  Jon Jones remained champion with a unanimous decision.

Renan Barao faced off with Eddie Wineland for the Interim Bantamweight strap. The two fighters came out sharp, snapping kicks. Wineland landed two hard rights and defended a takedown well.  Wineland looked to control the Octagon with good combos, but Barao fought back in a close first round. In the second, Barao came out with a lethal spinning back kick that caught Wineland flush on the chin. Following him to the ground with strikes, it wasn’t long before Yves Lavigne stopped the fight. An amazing title defense for Barao’s twenty-first straight win.

Matt Mitrione and Brendan Schaub met in a battle of Heavyweight sluggers. The fight started out with a boxing exchange., as both fighters landed punches. “The Hybrid” landed a good flurry followed by a big double leg. On the ground, Schaub silenced the critics of his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu skills by locking in a super-tight d’arce choke to make Mitrione pass out cold.

Costa Philippou looked to continue his streak against GSP’s training partner Francis Carmont. The fight began with Carmont nailing a good low kick then a takedown.  Despite an attempt at two armbars and an omoplata from Philippou, Carmont utilized good ground and pound while looking for a choke to dominate round one. Taking a page from his training partner GSP, Carmont again drove the fight to the mat in the second. He couldn’t do much, but just took Philippou down again after the fight was restarted. It was more of the same in the third with a big Carmont slam, and he won the fight with an absolutely smothering unanimous decision.

Pat Healy looked to get back on track against rising star Khabib Nurmagomedov. The two came out looking to trade, with Healy pushing the pace. Nurmagomedov countered with some good uppercuts and a flying knee. The Russian took Healy down, landing some strong punches to end the first. In the second, Nurmagomedov took Healy’s back early to land some hard shots., He landed a headkick, but Nurmagomedov began to slow a bit. Healy continued his relentless pressure but ran into a double leg. The final round saw Nurmagomedov score some good takedowns, including a huge slam a la Matt Hughes. Nurmagomedov rained down ground and pound to take home the unanimous decision win and remain undefeated at an impressive 21-0.

UFC 165 Main Card Results:

Jon Jones def. Alexander Gustafsson via unanimous decision

Renan Barao def. Eddie Wineland via first round knockout (spinning back kick)

Brendan Schaub def. Matt Mitrione via first round submission (d’arce choke)

Francis Carmont def. Costa Philippou via unanimous decision

Khabib Nurmagomedov def. Pat Healy via unanimous decision

Outer Photo: Brad Penner for USA TODAY Sports

  • Unanimous decision?

    • Yeah I picked Jones but actually think he lost that fight. Gus will likely be rematching soon due to controversy.

      • The only thing Gus needs to do differently is work on his cardio. He gassed badly in the 5th even going as far as putting his hands on his waist, other than that he was doing great in the fight.

        • Yeah and he did it with a 5.5 inch reach disadvantage. I think again though that Machida has what it takes even with a huge disadvantage. I also still think so far Anderson is still number 1.

        • Gus only gassed in the 5th because of the damage he took at the end of 4th. Before that Gus's cardio was looking much better than Jones imo.

      • D

        I think Jones edged rounds 2, 4, and 5. If not for that spinning elbow, I would give Gus the 4th round and the fight. He was clearly winning the round to that point, but Jones almost finished him there. He was just exhausted in the 5th.

        • I had it scored exactly the same Mousasi..Bones earnt that victory

        • I gave Jones rounds 2,3,5 it really was close, and either guy could of won. I said I would not cry robbery regardless of who got the decision.

    • I am disappointed!!! I had Gus winning by a round

    • I scored 3 rounds for Jones, I think also part of the reason why some people gave Gus more points then he actually scored was because we were all surprised that Gus was fighting on the same level as Jones, and we were just shocked to see Jones not being his dominant usual self.

  • what a bullshit decision GUS clearly won rnd 1-3 landed more takedowns, landed more strikes, did more damage, had more top control time, shall I go on? WTF.

    • D

      I wanted Jones to lose, but I'd give him the second. Gus didn't do much that round, and Jones was the one moving forward for the most part. Otherwise I agree with you.

    • D

      And Jones actually did land more strikes, although Gus definitely landed more head shots as Jones threw a ton of leg kicks.

  • Exactly, unanimous decision?!! What fight were they watching, clearly Gus won the first three rounds.

  • Jones strikes caused damage he deserved to win excellent fight

    • Jones was the one limping out and had reconstructive surgery to his face.

  • I'll be the first to admit it was a VERY close fight, the last 2 rounds were definitely Jones, but Unanimous decision? that's a slap in the face of Gustafsson. Great heart shown by both guys though but a BS call….

  • I had Alex round 2-3 and Jones round 4-5. Rund 1? could be any.
    But hell I am so much more impressed by Gustafsson! Great fight!

  • Amazing fight. Probably the best of what has been a fantastic year. The fact that no one really gave Gustafsson a chance made the fight even better. As for the decision, I feel like the fight was very close and tough to call, with Gustafsson doing more damage and landing more strikes but Jones had a lot of kicks and good elbows, hurting Alex a couple of times. Personally, I think that the last two rounds may have been enough to lose Alex the fight, but there's no way it was 49-46. At least one judged had to have went Gustafsson's way.

    • If it had been a split decision, no need for much controversy. But a fight that close and exciting is now marred by a bad decision and makes me really wish Gustafsson had won.

    • I never gave Gus a chance but he proved me wrong and the judges prove to be wrong. I was stunned that Jones was losing the fight and to be honest in R4 Jones only had 15-20 seconds of that round, the rest was Gus just less dramatically.

  • Rematch.

  • Tainted win, Screw the commission. I had Gus beating Jones two years ago and it should of happened tonight… WEAK **** UFC

  • yep

  • wha – what happened?? I tend not to watch Jones' fights because he's a fcuking ashole, and I did'nt give Alex a rat's as chance, now I have to find a replay video.

    • You missed the greatest LHW fight ever, you should probably check it out.

  • I has it 3-2 Gus. To the person that said Gus needs to work on his cardio, that's very misinformed statement to make. That was an absolute war and the fact that both men were still even standing after the beating they both took and the pace that they maintained was nothing short of phenomenal. Gus's cardio was excellent, that was a very grueling, taxing fight. This fight took years off both guy's careers.

    • When I said he needed to work on his cardio I didn't mean as if he showed up like a slob or anything, but the fact remains that Jones was the fresher man in the 4th and 5th rounds. Had Gus had a bit better cardio, he might have been able to continue the fight strong as he had done for the first 3 rounds. If he wants to be the champ, he has to be better at everything, and that was the 1 thing out of everything that just fell a bit short in my opinion. Everything else was perfect.

      • You can work on your cardio how much you want… one you get kicked in the body enough, it'll take the wind out of you! Disrupted breathing too… Gus cardio was great but in a fight like this, you're just gonna have problems.

      • You're still not understanding, when you take the punches and kicks they absorbed, it drains cardio. Jones may have been fresher or even had better cardio, but Gus was still excellent

  • Very close fight, and amazing show. Regardless of who won, that was a main event!

  • Amazing fight!
    With a fight that close you gotta give it to the winner of round 5, and that was Jones. But I wouldn't have been surprised by any decision that was called.
    But these 2 will definitely fight again so we all win by getting to see the rematch.

  • in my book the first round was clearly Gus's but 2-3 were close but leaning towards Gustafsson, first 3:30 of the 4th was probably the most dominant time for Gustafsson imo and that spinning elbow changed everything. Gus barely survived so it's obviously Jones round and the after taking that much damage Gus was gassed and 5th also goes to Jones.

    To say that Jones won either 2 or 3 doesn't seem that much of stretch to me and I am not surprised by the decision, however, had that elbow not landed so hard I think we would be looking at a new champ.

  • I don't why some are wetting their pants because Jones got the decision. Great performances by both fighters and Jones was asked the question last night and he answered it. It was a close fight but Jones edged it IMO and they say you have to take the belt and as good as Gustaffson was in some rounds he didn't do nearly enough to take the belt from Jones. His leg kicks and elbows countered his hands in the early rounds and the late rounds were all Jones.

    Most surprising of all was Gustaffson's takedown defense. Remarkable!!

    For all those haters of Jones, there's no denying after this he is a true champion. He took some punishment and came back with more, showing heart, technique, diversity of striking and also great cardio which for a high paced LHW title fight is very impressive.

    Gustaffson did gas though whether that was cardio issues or some great body kicks Jones landed throughout the fight only Gustaffson knows.

    They will likely meet again. This wasn't no bullshit judging other than the 49-46 as Gustaffson did win 2 rounds of that fight but overall Jones earned it and dug deep in a brilliant title fight. I just hope Gustaffson stays in contention with whoever he meets next as he has shown he has the tools to take it to the champion like no other fighter ever has and a few adjustments would see him with a very real chance of taking that belt. On the flip side though, that fight will have done Jones a world of good for the rest of his career and being the cerebral fighter he is will micro analyse that fight and improve himself because of it.

    Some other great performances: Barao who has probably the best spinning kicks in MMA and Nurmogodev looks like a future contender for sure. Hopefully he'll get a top 4 or 5 next time out.

  • GUS 1, 2, 3!!

  • A close fight, no question but the only way you can give that to Gus is if you don't score leg kicks.

  • 1.That was a split decision victory at the very least, which could have gone either way
    2.If the fight's outcome was declared a draw , i would have been totally fine with it.
    3.It makes me SICK that the judges are so clueless.
    4.IMO Rematch now!!!! no Glover Texeira next in line
    5.Did a mention i'm sick with the ************@$@##$##$ judges?
    6.Alex won that fight

  • Figures, first UFC fight I missed this year and it turns out to be a barn burner.

  • If there was a rematch I have no doubt Gus would take it.

  • if a title fight is that close the champion usually gets the w. In my opinion it was the right call.