Things to look for in 2013


If an MMA horoscope existed similar to that of the Chinese horoscope. 2012 would be the year of the Broken-legged Spider. It was a year plagued with injuries, cancellations and disappointments where many things that could go wrong, did. But for those very same reasons it was also filled with some amazing and memorable moments brought to us by late replacements and show-stealing undercard bouts.

2012 was the year the UFC proved that it can survive anything. Regardless of the obstacles in its way, the organization pushed forward with its hands up and chin down. With that said, let’s look to the horizon and see what sort of things we can all look forward to this 2013…

10-Fight Deal

Based on his demeanor and previous statements, I was under the impression right up until recently, that Anderson Silva planned on retiring relatively soon. That he had only a few big fights left in him, that he wanted to spend more time with his family and then exit the sport promptly. So consider me completely shocked when I heard Dana White recently claim that not only is Anderson Silva signing a multi-fight contract extension, but that he requested it be a 10 fight deal… WOW. Just let that soak in for a second.

That’s another 3-4 years of Anderson Silva fighting in the Octagon minimum. That’s another handful of title defenses for a 38 year old man, against the next wave of young, fresh, hungry, elite, competitors, and the very best the UFC has to offer. That now makes every single super-fight completely possible, and gives Anderson the potential to inter-dimensionally-epicly-mind-blowingly shatter every record and put them out of reach for any mortal man… I’M IN!!!

Womens Debut

I can’t tell you how proud and pumped I am for womens MMA this year. No seriously I can’t tell you it’s a secret. But I’ll tell you what I don’t like, prejudice in any form. Which is why I was irritated to hear Dana White claim that he had no interest in bringing a womens division to the UFC. Female fighters have been putting in the work, training their asses off and doing everything they can to draw attention to themselves and their fights. Hell I’d go as far to say that the average womens fight is more exciting than the average mens fight. Why? Because the women BRING IT. When those chicks step in the cage, it is on like girl-on-girl donkey kong. And that’s the bottom line cuz Sto – ok that’s enough I’l l stop.

With that said, look for the Rousey/Carmouche fight to be an amazing part of sports history and the very first in a long line of amazing events for women in the UFC and on PPV. ”TUF: Women” anyone? YES.


Unless Lorenzo Fertitta wants to eat his words, the UFC needs to “strike while the iron is hot” and make this thing happen by the end of the year. One of these three champions WILL lose, it’s simply a matter of time. And when it does happen you better hope it isn’t Anderson Silva, because then you’ve just screwed yourself from both ends. If either GSP or Jon Jones loses you still have a very interesting and viable option. But it needs to happen soon, before Juan Manuel Marquez starts training in MMA and ruins everything all over again. Damn you Marquez! Speaking of Mexicans…

Mexico Event

“Aaaand NEW! Heavyweight champion of the woooorld!!” Were the only words we needed to hear last Saturday to know that an epic sized UFC event in Mexico is more than likely happening this year. With the amount of interest Mexicans have in combat sports and the amount of quality fighters they’ve provided the sport of boxing, it’s amazing to think that of all the smaller/farther markets the UFC has held events – Sweden, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Ireland, Germany, etc – Their close neighbors to the south have not yet been one of them. You can expect that to change however. If all the legal ramifications and politics can be dealt with, I anticipate a massive event in Mexico City by the end of the year, with a pumped up Cain Velasquez ready to defend his belt and bring some brown pride to that ugly tattoo on his chest.

(Which is by far not the worst. That title goes to Brock Lesnar, with his oddly-chosen, hideous and mis-proportioned sword, resembling a really bad drawing of an object too close to his mouth that rhymes with Venus.)

Madison Square Garden

This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the UFC’s existence since its debut in Denver, Colorado on November 12th of ‘93, and if Dana White’s ambitions pull through, it could be a monumental milestone in more ways than one. With all sorts of obstacles stemming primarily from political issues , it’ll be a challenge to finally get this thing done in New York and hold an event at the prestigious Madison Square Garden Arena. Dana’s been hinting at having a specific fight in mind for this event, so when it does happen – because it will – we can all expect a solid card and the first of many great events in the state of New York.

That’s it for my list! Hope you enjoyed it. Let us know what you’re looking forward to in the comments below.

  • 2012 is very promising but so was 2012, only problem is all the injuries held back some of the possible highlights of the year.

    Should be a great year but let's just hope this "injury bug" calms down… or at least the fighters become more aware of it and are more careful in training.

  • Interesting that Anderson was offered an 8 fight extention and asked for 10. Makes you wonder whats on his mind. He probably realises that once the fighting is done so are alot of the big sponsorship deals as well.I don't know whether he will surpass Randy's time in the cage.He would have to fight another 9 years.

    • @ enjoy

      There's having a ten fight contract and actually having ten fights. My guess is, that although he might negotiate a ten fight contract, it doesn't mean that he will take ten fights. If he were to get five fights in and say, that's enough, there's nothing that could be done about, contractually. He's is not required to fight, but only to fight to get paid. It's his / any fighters choice, regardless of number of fights remaining on a contract.

  • @Bryan….What I'm looking forward to in 2013 is the strikeforce fighters coming across to UFC like Cormier, melendez etc…Can't wait to see the matchups.

    • Very True! That's a good one that I could have definitely added.

  • I look forward to seeing Cain vs Overeem to be honest. Most people would say a so called " super fight " however I do not want to see GPS vs Silva. The reach and size is just to much. Getting silva and bones to fight each other might be a task in its self, so I'm being realistic.

  • All great expectations with the exception of the women's debut……….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………

  • In the super-fights to end all super-fights, Dana White will announce that the Godzilla has agreed to drop 300,000 pounds and fight King Kong, to prove whose that P4P fighter in the world. When asked how this fight came about, White stated…"I like to put on exciting fights and I like to give the fans what they want and what people have been asking me for is Godzilla / Kong".

    White went on to say that, unlike their last match, Godzilla will not be allowed to use his atomic breath. Kong ended up winning that fight in a controversial decision. Many who believed Godzilla was robbed and that Kong simply stayed outside, moved away and pointed his way to a victory.

    Expect this match to be the first UFC broadcast from inside mainland China.

    • Godzilla's dropping weight? I coulda sworn the king was heavier.

      • @ Evan

        Yes, at his fattest / non-fighting shape, Godzilla is nearly 60,000 tons.
        He's a partier between fights. He can really put back the saki and sushi and he's an absolute pig around good European milk-chocolate and fine Kentucky Bourbon. Once, he ate an entire village, because he smelled a Toblerone bar.

        Kong tough though, he's like a larger, harrier version of Dan Henderson. Should be a good fight.

        Thank you Dana for finally making one of his super-fights, happen.

  • Damn you Cain! whooping my dudes ass and shit. great performance though well deserved. I think Cain will do the same to overeem. jds will be back with a fire lit under his ass and that is a scary thing.

    • Hopefully he leaves blackhouse for a bit and trains some wrestling. Or at the very least he needs to learn how to kick AND use it.

      In all honesty, I know it'll never happen, but if JDS trained with the Blackzilians he's be a well rounded MONSTER.

      • @Bryan….Jnr changed his manager once, so he may surprise everyone and do the same with his training camp. Jnr would have to be feeling nervous knowing how much he needs to improve in his cardio, not to mention his grappling and wrestling skills. It seems that if you keep going for takedowns, evenutually you will tire the big beast. Cains camp must have kept telling him to keep going back for takedowns until you succeed. perfect gameplan….Alot of guys would give up after a couple of failed attempts and be disheartened and got outboxed which seems to be where jnr wins all his fights.

  • Edgar Aldo is a superfight of EPIC proportions. The true LW champ down a division taking on another beast in Aldo. I can't believe this didn't get a mention in an article about MMA to look forward to in 2013. This fight is without any doubt two p4p greats matching up and I do believe physically they are pretty much identical. This is a rare fight indeed and I just hope neither one gets a fast finish (which could happen given their ability) because I hope to see these two showcase their skills for the full 25 minutes.

    The real LW champ vs the FW champ the p4p #1 vs the p4p #5 the answer vs junior the aweseom vs awesome. Fuck king kong vs Godzilla this fight is the fooking nutz.