Patrick Cote signs four-fight deal, wants coaching spot on TUF: Canada vs Australia


Patrick Cote has been a very good and almost underrated Middleweight for a very long time. Having fought pretty much everyone everywhere, he’s gone from fighting Tito Ortiz at 205 to Anderson Silva for the Middleweight title – a fight in which he wasn’t doing too poorly until he suffered a freak knee injury – and now finally with his recent debut at Welterweight, winning against Bobby Voelker seems to have put him in the UFC’s good graces while giving him a fresh start in the process.

After back to back UFC wins and a good showing in a new weight division where he appears to be more equal in size to his opponents, the UFC has decided to give him an extension and see where this new division leads him. Speaking with Bleacher Report regarding the deal and his future ambitions Cote had the following to say:

“I just signed a four-fight deal with the UFC. We’ve talked about my next fight, but nothing is signed, nothing has been decided. They just announced the TUF Canada vs. Australia and everybody has gone crazy on Twitter trying to help me become the coach of Team Canada. I appreciate the support from everybody, maybe it’s going to help.”

Interesting to see Cote pushing soo hard for the Canadian coaching spot, but I gotta say, it doesn’t seem like a bad fit. I mean which other Canadian fighters would you suggest as an alternative? GSP? No way no how, especially given the lack of Australian fighters for him to compete with. Rory MacDonald? Too young, the guy has his own skills to learn and experience to gain before passing any of that on to others.

Who do you think could be a possible coach Lowkickers? I’m assuming it wouldn’t be limited to Welterweight, but give me some suggestions for a Canadian and Australian coach from the same division.

  • Rematch with Voelker would be cool down the road.

    • Has anybody ever been cut, and resigned by the UFC more than Cote?

    • lame fighter, cote has changed since the acl injury.

  • Cote is a vet of the UFc and I was expecting, and hoping, he would come back strong after getting cut but he has been underwhelming.

    Getting clearly outpointed by Le, knocked out (while illegal) by Sakara and getting a DQ win and then winning a decision in which he looked unimpressive and most people thought he lost even though he was a huge favourite.

  • Why is this guy even around anymore? The second most over-rated fighter in UFC history, behind Thales Leites.