Josh Barnett Says Frank Mir’s Best Days Are Behind Him


UFC 164 will play host to a fight that many fans have been eager to see for a long time, as Josh Barnett faces off against Frank Mir in a Heavyweight clash. The two have fought long and storied careers, but at a parallel to each other. Finally the two will meet and I’m excited to see who is the better grappler.

Barnett, never short of a good interview, spoke with Bleacher Report about his upcoming clash with Mir:

“I think we’ve always kind of been in different places for both of our careers really, even when he was fighting for titles, no one ever took my belt from me, so I don’t what belt they were putting around (his waist) but that wasn’t the UFC Heavyweight title as far as I was concerned.”

As soon as Barnett re signed with the UFC, the obvious match up was Mir, for the fans and the rankings; it just makes sense.

“I was in Pride fighting the universally recognized top dudes in the world at the time. I come back to the UFC, and the UFC is now the premiere place to be for mixed martial arts in the world, but at this point Frank’s best days have already occurred.”

“I’ve got to be honest, a lot of Frank’s relevancy was based on being in the UFC,” Barnett said. “That’s the way I see it. I want to how much potential there really is there by fighting him.”

This fight is surely a huge draw for Jiu Jitsu and grappling fans, with 28 submission wins between them, and a BJJ black belt each. The winner of this match will arguably be the number two grappler on the planet, behind Fabricio Werdum, in my opinion.

“I don’t think he’s going to be able to find any training partners that can grapple the way I do” Barnett said.   “Even still, I believe when it does hit the ground I can shut down his offense and make him pay for being underneath.”

The UFC HW division is not very deep right now, and with Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos tying up the top; Barnett and Mir can get themselves in good standing with a win.

Who can pull through in a battle between catch wrestling and Jiu Jitsu? My gut tells me Mir.

  • And who would know better about their best days being gone than Josh?

    • Yeah, both guys are pretty much past their best.

      • Ya Frank Mir could have said the exact same thing but even though these guys will likely never hold a belt again, they both can give any fighter in the world heII on the any night and they're both certainly are two of the top 3 HW grapplers in mma

        • Sure thing… and both never been submitted in their professional career. (the 1 sub loss on Josh record was by strikes)

    • Barnett is still pretty damn good… I think Mir is way more washed up at this point. Still a dangerous fighter though… I hope Barnett doesn't sleep on Mir cause there's still that Power… and those subs are no f*cking joke. Barnett should take this though…

      • I realize MMA math doesn't work, but I'll say this: Cormier had no issue taking Barnett down, slamming him around and dominating him from the top. Cormier also wanted NOTHING to do with the ground against Mir. He never took Mir down, but he took down Barnett 4 times. Additionally, despite similar strike volume from Cormier in both fights, Mir barely looked touched and Barnett was a bloody mess at the ends of their respective fights.

        So in conclusion, Cormier dominated Barnett everywhere and left him looking jacked up, whereas he solidly outpointed Mir and just left him looking winded. I can tell who he was more worried about on the ground, and who wasn't as good on the feet. Where exactly does Barnett feel he has the edge?

        • stay on this site… that was intelligent lol

          There's only a few who makes cases on their points. Others just throw tantrums like toddlers and back up their points with, "because I said so"

        • Well it's very simple my friend…Cormier didnt engage MIR as he did Barnett…!!! Cormier came out to DESTROY Barnett… he didnt fight Mir with that same intensity. He came into that fight to "win" his first fight in the UFC and get comfortable in the octagon but he was very careful and every move was calculated… don't expect to see that kind of Cormier in his next fight… and that's why, like u said yourself MMA math doesn't work. Especially if you look at just 1 fight cause that's mainly depending on their strategy for that particular fight, that might or might not have worked.

          • If he wanted to destroy Barnett, why wouldn't he have just stayed on the feet? By the end of the standup, Barnett already looked like a battered wife, so Cormier chooses to take the fight to where Josh has the best chance of coming back and snatching the victory away via submission? He wasn't worried about Barnett's subs, and he was worried about Mir's.

          • By the end of the first round*

  • Move of the fight: A kick on the face?

    • Or a broken arm via a MIRacle armbar

      • been thinking of a comeback for 20 mins now…and nothing…nada

      • ahhhh, I see what you did there Michael, Im sure you were just being "Frank" with us.

  • Meh… this is still a solid HW grappler match.

    Who ever wins this moves up. The loser gets to enjoy his throne as the HW gatekeeper for the rest of their careers most likely.

  • D

    Barnett HAS to take this fight to the ground, where it will be very evenly matched. Mir is much, much better technically on the feet. He is slow, and gets caught by more athletic guys, but Barnett does not fit that description. Mir also has the power edge. He wins this by KO.