Jon Jones on fighting Silva: “I’m up for whatever”


While the superfight seems to be one of those things that have become more myth than reality as of late with the possibility of an Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre fight evaporating by the minute, Jon “Bones” Jones figures that if he’s ever asked to participate in a fight with Silva, he’d hold up his end of the bargain.

“I think superfights are important for the sport,” Jones said in an interview with “They’re important for legacies. A desire to compete in one, I really don’t have this big desire to compete against anyone in particular. Right now I have a good recipe of success, and they say if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. So unless someone comes and challenges me, or what not, I’m fine going on about my merry way and competing against these light heavyweights.”

No, Jon Jones isn’t looking for a fight with Anderson Silva. He’s just stating that he won’t back down if the opportunity presents itself. Although both Silva and Jones initially shrugged off inquiries, the reality is that both see a tremendous amount of money to be made and an chance to cement their legacy as the greatest pound for pound fighter of all-time. It may not happen tomorrow, but Jones is cracking the window of opportunity open in the event that the superfight is presented as a real possibility.

“Everything is a possibility,” he continued. “I really can’t count too much out. I do believe that we’re put on this earth to think big and dream big, and not limit ourselves. And fighting Anderson would be a definite testament of my faith and my warrior experience, and things like that. So who knows what will happen in the future.”

Ultimately, the light heavyweight champion will continue defending his title but wants to let it be known that he’s ready if the fight comes calling.

“I’m up for whatever, man.”

  • Jones all the way

    • anderson said he wants to ktfo jones and gsp, but not at the same time.

      hope it happens, maybe he can get a fight with bisping or weidman after that and then maybe gsp or jones part 2!!!!

      • all the gsp fanboys believe jones will win against silva lmfao

        Go back to providing excuses on why gsp shouldnt fight anderson

        • Excuses? It's called Silva is a natural LHW dummy, whle GSP is a WW – those are called FACTS. If Silva wouldnt lose to Jones, why hasnt he fought in his natiural weight class more often? Besides the fact he likes to fight BUMS in the worst division in all of MMA/UFC? B/C Silva doesnt want to fight people his own size, nor does Silva want to fight when he doesnt have the size, strength & reach advantages. Those are FACTS for Silva staying @ MW & fighitng BUMS & facts Silva wants nothing to d owith Jones, whic is why he fights 1 dimensional LHW CANS! Silva only weighs 46lbs more than GSP, & GSP has never fought above 170lbs. Silva fought at 168lbs & challenged GSP, GSP said hed fight Silva @ WW, jsut like Joines said he'd fight Silva @ 205lbs, so why sint Silva who wants "big fights" like the Bonnar fight BAHAHAHAH do what he needs to do, to make the fight HE WANTS happen?!? Silva doesnt want to fight GPS @ WW?!? Sounds ot me hes chiecken shit to fight GSP @ his weight class. Silva wants GSP to do something he himself wouldnt do himself, which was move up in weight & fight the Champ. Silva challenged a much smaller WW champ?!? How pathetic & sad is that? Who does that anyway? Then he wants GSP to move up & fight him for the 1st time ever, yet Silva fought 3 bums @ LHW?!? Not even a decent LHW, not to mention neither LHW had any wrestling.

          Apparently Silva has a hell of alot more excuses than anyone else. Challenges GSP, but wont move to WW, said hed fight Jones but not @ LHW, his natural weight class & a weight he easily makes, then he says he wont fight any MW #1 contender who has KO power & great wrestling b/c he's a "no name"?!? Yeah, I forgot Bonnar was a huge LHW stud, @ least Weidmans undefeated, what was Bonnar ? retired! I also forgot Cote, Maia, Lutter & Leites were huge names!!!

  • God help him if he fights Silva and he tries to stand and trade with him… nap time for Jones- or anyone else, for that matter.

    • " anderson will hurt me and retire me " 🙁

    • Yeah Silva KO Jones @ LHW?!? Whats your ASSumption based on?!? Silva fighting big slow 1 dimensional BUMS. BAHAHAHA, if Silva thought he'd do anything at LHW, then why hasnt he fought any legit top 10?!? Rather than the bums he has fought? For the supopsedly GOAT, he sure has fought A LOT OF CANS, especially at LHW- who just happened to have NO wrestling. I'm sure that was done by coincidence, jsut like Silva beating Jones …. BAHAHAHAHA sure! Idiot

  • At least Jones is calling out someone in a lower weight class so he isn't as much of a douche as Silva is. Silva even fights as much at LHW as MW these days and yet he wants to challenge the champ in the lower weight class rather then he secondary weight class? That is just incredibly lame and weak. The champ in the higher weight class should be willing to accept a challenge from the lower one but never challenge the smaller fighter.

    • come on now, Silva has had one fight in the last couple years and only did it to save a card which had no other option for replacing the main event, let's not blow things out of proportion

  • I'm sorry but if John gets a hold of Anderson on the ground like Sonnen did it's game over. Jones would tear him up, no question. As far as standing and trading I don't see a real disadvantage for John. He has a good standing game and can be very unique in his fighting style too. Wrestling=Jones Ground game=Jones Standing=Tie Submits=Anderson Takedowns=Jones I really believe Jones would win. Stronger,younger, longer endurance. Jones for the WIN.

    • Standing tie…. lol your funny

    • Did you just try to make it look like there's more categories for Jon? Takedown, wrestling and ground game? I mean I know grappling is a broad word but in that case you should put in "punches- Silva, kicks = Silva"

  • Jem

    Silva > Jones

  • Yeah, Jones would want to get Silva on the ground ASAP… I doubt if Silva would doing any showboating while striking knowing that he better take him out in the first few minutes and not risk a takedown. Jones on the ground is freaking brutal, no question. Who knows if we will ever see this fight… I agree with the above post saying that the smaller fighter should always be the one to call a fighter out in a heavier weight class, not the other way around. Silva should be calling Jones out for sure, not GSP.

    • Silva is calling him out, he's just calling out GSP as well.
      People think Anderson is just looking to fight the smaller man but in truth he is trying to fight both and said he wants to – Anderson Silva is a martial artist and isn't just calling out a smaller fighter, he's calling out the #2 and #3 best fighters on the planet

      • Anderson hasn't called out Jon Jones even remotely close to the level he pushed for the GSP. Putting them in the same category is completely inaccurate.

  • Jones vs Silva isn't going to happen anytime soon….Bones already has a fight booked for next year….Every thing right now is just hype, publicity, no substance….

    Until we see the two guys weigh in, then we might as well talk about Fedor facing Randy Couture…Its just goes around in circles…..

  • Jones is up for whatever, too bad Silva isn't.

    (Silva fought 3 times at lhw, won them easy and impressive, now he wants GSP which i understand, but he doesn't want jones???? that smells like ……….., to me!

  • Yeah, I don't see how he could have fought guys at LHW and then *not* ask to fight Jones. He destroyed those other guys- this would at least present a challenge, right? I don't see how Silva is going to get another TEN fights in the UFC and somehow avoid Jones- that would take YEARS of ducking him- and that doesn't sound like Silva to me.

  • I used to always says Jon Jones would beat Silva in a fight but after seeing the way Lyoto was able to evade, confuse and land on Jones I changed my mind.
    Don;t get me wrong Machida is a great striker but if he can tough Jon, Anderson can certainly KO him silly

  • I used to always says Jon Jones would beat Silva in a fight but after seeing the way Lyoto was able to evade, confuse and land on Jones I changed my mind.
    Don;t get me wrong Machida is a great striker but if he can tough Jon, Anderson can certainly KO him silly