Jon Jones: I Want To See Gustafsson Fight A Top Contender


UFC light heavyweight champion has his hands full with media obligations left and right these days. Today, it was announced that Jones will be featured on the cover EA Sports’ “UFC 2014” video game alongside another unnamed fighter.

Jones is of course coming off of his five round war with Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165. It was a fight that many deem one of the greatest in mixed martial arts history, and it may just be Jones’ biggest win.

Jones is slated to face off with Glover Teixeira in early 2014, while Gustafsson was set to take on Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in March. However, that fight fell apart when ‘Lil Nog’ pulled out with an injury. Apparently, it wasn’t a fight that Jones deemed necessary anyway.

At an event centered on the game, Jones caught up with Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting to discuss the current title picture at light heavyweight, and his displeasure at how ‘Gus’ was booked:

“I wanna see [Gustafsson] fight a top contender. Seems like these guys are not really having the toughest time to get to the belt. Teixeira goes from Bader to a championship fight. Gustafsson went from Shogun to a championship fight. I feel like they save all the dogs for me and they just give the toughest guys the easiest match-ups to get to a title shot. Let’s see some of these top contenders fight each other. I was like ‘Really? You want him to have the rematch that bad?”

“No disrespect to Nogueira, but let’s see Gustafsson versus Cormier. It makes so much sense. Me, Cormier, Gustafsson and Teixeira, the top four guys in the division. Let’s put us all in a little round-robin pool and see who is the toughest out of us four. Why throw Little Nog into the picture? But whatever, I’m gonna fight the toughest one anyway.”

It seems like quite a change in tune from ‘Bones,’ who was rumored to be willing to give Gustafsson an immediate rematch after their razor thin decision. But he changed his mind after re-watching the fight, and now thinks that Gustafsson should have to prove himself all over again.

While it’s definitely debatable as to whether or not Nogueira was a good opponent for Gustafsson or not, is it right for Jones to insinuate that “The Mauler” needs to fight more top contenders?

After all, had a couple of points gone the either way, it could have been Gustafsson who was granting the rematch to Jones. And you can bet he would have. Jones wants Gustafsson to fight his twitter enemy Daniel Cormier. That’s a good fight, and one we may see come to fruition.

But does “The Mauler” already deserve his coveted rematch?

Outer Photo: Tom Szczerbowski for USA TODAY Sports

  • If he stops opening his mouth, I might start to like him one day.

    • Fight a top contender? Gustafson just handed Jones a can-of-whoop-*** and he will not grant him a rematch?

      • Curious how thats a reply to SatelliteMan………

    • Everything he said was spot on and your arrogance won't allow you to admit it so you make fun of Bones due to your biased against him. He beat Gus fair and square and Gus should have to earn a shot by beating a worthy opponent. It was a close fight but it wasn't controversial.

  • Jones is hoping Gustaffson loses his next fight, and probably hopes that Cormier and Gus eliminate eachother so that he doesn't need to fight them both

    • Also, I doubt Dana wants Gus and Cormier to fight, when he could sell a lot with each of them against jones

    • Eliminate each other?! Wtf dude?!! How often does that happen?? And 21 haters have sharped your bs…wow.

      • I'de like to see Anderson whoop his azz also.

      • Obviously they won't both die or anything like you seem to think, I was just saying that if they fight each other, jones will only need to fight one of them, at least for a while. Also he probably prefers his chances against Cormier

  • This doesnt sound right, a champion is that a champion and should fight who ever is in front of him..mentally a world champion shouldnt be worried about who he thinks is/isnt worthy,

    • I think it is stupid when guys like Chael get a shot but yeah this is not near that. Who cares if the guys coming for shots get an easier opponent to get there as long as they prove they can do that at least. I don't want to see a situation where because Gus beats Cormier we never get to see Cormier fight Jones. Styles make fights and Jones knows this and this is why he wants the top guys eliminating each other so he only has to face off against the fewest of them as possible and in the mean time he then can face guys like Nog who are inbetween fights to help his legacy.

  • Zip

    Sure, chicken bones, sure…

    • Zip

      I used to like the guy, but his arrogance is astonishing. To double down on a lie he knows no one is buying, unbelievable.

  • He wants Cormier, the guy with t-rex arms and 15 inch reach disadvantage. What Jones, you scared of Gus now? He's seen exactly what you have to offer, and maybe your scared he'll come back even better? He sure busted your face up man.
    P.S. Jones, you're a dooshbag. "Go get some fans" LMAO good luck with that.

    • Tell him that last bit to his face.

      • Zip

        You always know you're arguing with an idiot when he inevitably says, 'Bet you wouldn't say that to his face'.

        • Its ok Zip, it's just Dabs, he got all all upset in another thread recently. Now his fighter ego got hurt. He cant face the fact that Bone is always saying something stupid and gets a lot of slack about it.

          • Zip

            It's more than just saying something stupid Ent. Chicken bones is actually showing himself to be a true coward over and over again. A champion's heart, he does not have.

          • He's a diva

  • Gus is a tested and proven opponent for Jones. No one has challenged Jones the way he did. Why should he have to prove that he is a worthy opponent for the belt?

    But objectively speaking, Jones is right that top contenders are not fighting each other the way that the Welterweights or Middleweights are.

    • I agree.. can't debate with that and i do agree that even though Gus in my opinion beat Bones… he did not deserve that title shot in the first place. However now that he did and showed he can dance with Bones.. there shouldn't be any debate about worthiness… cause clearly Gus proved he's worthy of being in that position!

    • Jones is also forgetting that he also received a fast track to Shogun after fighting Bader when everyone wanted to see him fight a top guy first.

  • It's a shame we don't have the Shogun of Pride's pinnacle. The Shogun with cardio for days and good knees. He used to be so much faster and aggressive. Oh well.

  • More like afraid of the azz whopping he will recieve if he fights gus again,he;d much rather fight smaller opps for the easy win.

  • I usually don't hate fighters for their public personas but seriously, **** this guy. I can't wait to see him lose. I hope either Gus, Cormier or Anderson get to fight and beat him. I don't see anyone else doing that now that Machida is a MW.

    • True that… i personally wanna see Bones vs DC cause i know DC will whoop that ****… i just wanna see Bones layed out! Even though he made "some" sense in what he said in this interview… im just having a HARD TIME liking the guy… even though i respect him as a fighter to a certain extend…

  • It's a strategic ploy to put Gustafsson together with Cormier… Cormier would afterall have to reveal the structure of the game plan he would be using to take on JJ.

    If Gustafsson wins, Cormier is out the way, if Cormier wins, JJ has got footage of the entry lines and levels Cormier will use against himself, (give or take slight adjustments).

  • I'd try to convince ufc to book Gus against anyone else too if I were bones, why would he ( bones) want another beating.?!

  • Translation: Please make sure Gus gets beaten up before he faces me again so he is damaged goods

  • The picture above tells the story: Jones is desperate to avoid a fighting anyone who has an equal to his reach w better hands and footwork.

  • D

    It's pretty simple why people want to see Gustafsson. Jones is delusional if he doesn't see it.

  • gm1

    I cant believe all the b@&thes on tis site. Bunch of freaken acting like women haters. Look who Texiera has beaten…Bader? Really…who is about ready to be sent to Bellator. Gustafson lost the decision and now he needs to Get In Line..

    • Zip

      We I know gm, damn bast*ards, It's like the freaken dogs acting like ground hog haters who has beaten him. Really…?> Goes that way doesn't it seem??? Shoot man. He lost and should start again. Damn women.

  • JONES IS A PUNK! he definitely should not be one to TALK about guys not having a hard time to get the belt… he only had what 2 pro fights and BOOM he was granted a title shot.


  • Didnt Jones go from Bader to Championship fight

    • Good point, but that was the 9-0 Bader, and deemed a top contender. He only got the fight because Rashad was injured and he took the fight on 6 weeks notice.

  • Wow, what a bunch of mindless Jones hate. Maybe they should call this site Kick Jon Jones.

    There is no question that Jones is arrogant, but guess what? He is the most dominant 205 champ ever, at the age of 26. I'd be arrogant too.

    Fans can dislike on anyone they want but then don't try and use flawed logic to rationalize your hate.

    I think Gus versus DC would be an awesome fight, and since JJ is already figthing Glover, why wouldn't you not want to see the other top guys go at it?

    Jones beat 5 current or former 205 champions IN A ROW, so if you think he's ducking anyone, either you're blinded by hate or have lost brain function.

    • It was all good while he was destroying guys but now that he's had his fair share it seems his mentality has changed. I would hate to see the top guys face each other every time because styles make fights and say DC can't beat Gus but could beat Jones and Gus can't beat Jones but can beat DC. Then Jones never has to face the guy that may have the style to beat him. I think top 4 guys need to fight guys that want to break into the top 4 and the top 4 try and go for the champ. Otherwise we will see the top 4 sidelined after fighting each other while the champ will get a break and fight lower tier fighters in the meantime. I think top 30 fight top 10 to get in that bracket and top 10 fight to get into top 3 or 4 to be in that bracket which puts you in line for a title shot if you can maintain that bracket. Top 3 or 4 should not fight each other unless there is an interim belt or they have nobody to fight for their own spot.

      • Styles do make fights, but then again, MMA math doesn't always add up. No one thought Gus was a valid contender and now everyone here wants to see a rematch just because Gus was tougher than they thought.

        The only way we would know what would happen if DC and Gus fought is if it happens. They both have a case for getting a title shot, and the only fair thing is to let them settle it.

        And what does beating someone who is not in the the top tier prove for someone who is?

        • I know what your saying but I think it's all about the climb and if the guy below beats an upper tier fighter than he deserves that spot anyway but at least it wouldn't take away any of the best challenges for the belt. It would keep a pool of the very best reserved for title shots until they are knocked out of that pool and it keeps the lower guys from getting undeserved shots and the upper guys from keeping an undeserved spot and also keeps the champ facing the very best continually instead of getting the Dan Hardy's and Chael Sonnens get their very unlikely attempts at the belts. Usually the top 3 or 4 guys under the belt are controversially ranked 1-4 and can often be any one of them in any order between them anyway. I just think it would solve scenarios where guys like Hardy get a shot at GSP when others are far more capable fighters. Imagine if hardy had to get through Kos first then Kos would rightfully keep his place as a better fighter and get his more deserving shot unless Hardy could break him or one of the other at the time top contenders. What if because DC loses to Gus and both are injured then we have only Nog for some reason to fight Bones because Bader and Davis put each other out as well. We could see them all get the shot if it was a pool that were only ousted by fighters climbing rather than their own possibly elite pool of challengers. I think it keeps the belt challenged. No doubt Bones has went through everyone bar Gus but now that he's facing guys that may really push him it seems he wants to get a few inbetween fights. Give DC a chance and let someone challenge Gus for his spot and if he retains it give him another shot.

    • you want flawed logic? how about replacing evans with jones when jones was NOT a contender or even in the top 10(rank wise)? how about the fact that jones was made to look like an amateur when he fought gus and gus showed us jones' true colors(minor league striking, mediocre wtrestling, desperation, and unfocus) and still was not granted a rematch? two of those 5 former champions came off of brutal knee surgeries, and one came off of a multi-injury off season.

      ITS NOT JUST JON JONES HATE. he really is exercising self preservation.

  • Jones double standards… Complaining that Glover only had to beat Bader to get his title shot… remind me who Jones beat to get his?… BADER!

    Gus only had to beat Shogun… So the same guy you had to dethrone to become champ. Gus also had to put together a 6 fight win streak in maybe the most turbulent and comptetitive division in the UFC for his shot…

    If Jones were the Champion he'd had everyone believe he would want to fight Gus again so to put a stamp on his first 'win' and would want Cormier and Glover to get their shots too.

    Jones is proving to be one of the most dominant champs in history but the guy needs to learn to wear the belt like a champ out of the octagon… Shhh Jones Shhhhhh!

  • What jones really needs to learn is to just shut his mouth. Every time he opens it something stupid seems to come out. If you are the champ you shouldn't be saying who does and doesn't deserve a shot at your belt, Defend it against any and all comers. He is the best of the best at 205 atm and if they want him to defend the belt against a guy he just beat, it shouldn't be a problem right? since he just beat him… "I feel like they save all the dogs for me and they just give the toughest guys the easiest match-ups to get to a title shot." No **** Jones, if you are the best in the world, every fight should be a challenge.