Jon Jones: I Won Decisively Against Gustafsson Even Though I Was Only At Seventy Percent


UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones went through a war last Saturday night against Alexander Gustafsson in the main event of UFC 165 from Toronto. It ended with a somewhat controversial decision that had tons of supporters on both sides of the fence.

There are still a ton of details to clear up about Jones’ next move while he heals up from the epic battle. However, Jones spoke with Ariel Helwani, who revealed on tonight’s edition of “UFC Tonight” that Jones did not suffer a broken foot as was speculated against Gustafsson:

“He told me he did not break his left foot. His team was worried that he may have broken it early in the fight, but doctors just told him, ‘No break, just a deep bruise.’ In a few weeks or so he should be good to go.”

Most MMA fans believed that ‘The Mauler’ had done more than enough to warrant an immediate rematch with Jones, and Dana White has repeatedly discussed that possibility in the days since the fight. However, Jones doesn’t agree with this belief, and may go a different direction for his next fight:

“Initially before watching the fight, he thought that the most fair thing to do would be to grant Alexander Gustafsson an immediate rematch. It was such a close fight. But after watching it over ten times, he believes that he decisively won round 2, round 4, and round 5, maybe even round one. So now he thinks because it was so clear-cut that the most fair thing to do would be to grant the next contender a title shot. “

Not only does he believe he won without controversy, but ‘Bones’ reported to Helwani that he wasn’t his best self for the bout with Gustafsson. He didn’t cite any specific injury or reason, but just felt like he could have done much better:

“He thinks Gustafsson was very game and put forth a great fight, but he thinks personally, he was only at seventy percent. And next time he vowed that he’d be at a hundred percent. He can’t wait for his next fight. He will not even entertain the idea of entering a new training camp until he feels one hundred percent. He is not going to rush it.”

So while the rematch was quickly becoming the hottest topic in all of MMA, both White and Jones had done a little to cool those fires in the past few days. With “Bones’ and ‘The Mauler’ being so young in their careers, it’s probably inevitable that they fight at least one more time, so there could be no need to rush.

On the other hand, it would be nice to see a second fight that puts all the doubt to rest.

Outer Photo:Tom Szczerbowski for USA TODAY Sports

  • Let the hating commence!

    • yea, I think saying 70 percent will more than make up for me NOT dominating.
      oh really? Really Jones?
      I gotta get my popcorn for this one.

    • David, come on. Wait until we disagree with Jones before you judge us as hating.

      I think the fight was close enough Jones doesn't want to fight him again. That's not hateful; just Jones practicing Risk Management.

    • Gus lost because losers never prosper….Now let the HATING begin.

      Gus handled his biz but the judges didn't see it that way, so stop yo blood clot crying.

    • If it was so decisive then why did you have to watch it 10 times before you could figure out what to say? What a joke. This guy really just cannot admit that he isn't light years above everyone. I guess this fight showed a lot. Like how many people said Bones' physical attributes were what set him apart more than anything. That seems to be pretty true. Sure he's also very skilled. But once he's in there with another guy that's pretty skilled and with a similar build, Jones doesn't look so special anymore. Cain would destroy him. I almost wish that fight would still happen sometime though. I'm a fan of Gus but he isn't even really elite in any way. So I guess this one tells a lot. Jones will still dominate most fighters at 205 though.

      • gm1

        Whatever chaelforpres….so could king kong but making a weight cut is something else. Talk about something more realistic.

        These two guys are the youngest in the division. It is enevitable they will fight again. Where in the interview was he asked, or did he imply he was light years ahead of everyone else. STFU …

  • Zip

    Laughable Jon, Laughable…

    • Exactl! If he truly won decisively, he wouldn't feel the need to tell us lol

    • Hes ignorant champion, he talks about being the only few black people in the sport we have to stick together! thats so 1900's, Why not talk about the only champ to get a *** whooping for 5 rounds. Silva dont count since he dindt get a *** whooping like this!

      • No, Silva's *** whooping vs. Sonnen in the 1st fight was much worst than what Jones got from Gus. Sure Silva won, but he was dominated for 23.5 mins, while Jones was "dominated" for less than half the fight!

        But Jones is a complete & utter idiot for this comment. 70% & he had to watch the fight 10 times to convince himself that he won decisively…. sure Jones, whatever helps you sleep better at night! He wants NOTHING to do with Gus, b/c he knows he's a bad match up for him, it's really that simple. Jones vs. anyonme his size = close fight/dog fight. Jones fighting "midgets" or MW's fighting @ LHW = easy wins!

  • It just goes to show how far Jon Jones has his head up his a-s-s….That was a war and he got the c-r-a-p beaten out of him. His head was bleading, he could hardly speak and he was limping. I hate when guys are victorius and try to discredit their opponents by saying they were injured or not 100%. I hope Gus or glover puts a beating on bones next time. I thought after the match bones was humble. But give bones a dy of separation and the arrogance returns

    • gm1

      Get out there and fight jon and quit talking crap b#%ch

  • Excuses…Excuses..Excuses.. Bones got his *** handed that night. Poor guy is in denial.. Go figure..

  • sooo arrogant…
    cant somebody just KO this dude, soon….

  • Jones, Don't be scared homie. Gus is going to put an other beating on you

    • Make the "AN" & the "OTHER" come together like **** cheeks. It's "ANOTHER" Pimpy Doo.

      • ha, pimpy doo… that like a hairdoo for Pimps?

  • Jones edged the win with rounds 2 , 4, and 5. Saying that he kinda sounds like george "jab, lazy high kicks, overhand right no combinations hump you to death while not trying to win but trying not to lose, safe pierre with the not at 100% statement

    • I agree, I had Gus the first time I watched it, but it did come down to those rounds. Either way it was a great fight, and Jones is right in one respect, they will meet again down the road.

      Cardio appeared to be Gus's issue in the later rounds, either that or he was concussed in the 4th.

      Glover's next, Gus should fight Cormier, for the following title shot

  • Ivy

    He's going to minimize his performance, and thereby minimize Gus' performance. How classy.

  • There you go, I was waiting for the alibi….70%? not bad Jone not bad… Like I said before, better sharpen the acting skills and act like he'e still the undisputed LHW champ,

  • Jones….typical cocky attitude…70%.. Gus beat em so bad he felt he fought at 70% he said he "annihilated" Machita and didt want to fight him again now he says he beat Gus almost every round…but he left being almost carried away, mumbling gibberish…'C'mon Son'

  • funny, Jones always tries to avoid the people who gave him the most trouble. remember the excuses he gave when he dodged the Machida rematch?

  • 70% – bullshit

    Thoughts about the fight after rewatching it- agreed.

    I had it a close decision for Jones the night of the fight, 3-2 (2, 4, and 5) for Jones. The next day I gave him the first too. Great fight, but only close-ish. It would have been a robbery if Gus got the decision.

  • I like Jones n all but…After every round he started raising his arms.Trying to convince the judges,crowd,and himself that he was winning them!Or at least that was my initial thought of it.Even after I had Gus taking the round lol.

  • Gustaffson doesnt deserve a rematch, he lost fair and square he has time to climp up the ladder again.

  • A rematch would be great. It was a close fight but close or not Jones clearly won it. For all the damage done early by Gus Jones countered with kicks and some great elbows and later in the fight Jones was picking him apart and other than the fact Gustaffson's head has Superman's DNA in it Jones would have finished him.

    But as great as a rematch may or may not be (they don't always end up the same) Jones is right in that the next contender is due their shot. If he had said to Gustaffson there'd be an argument of Jones is ducking some contender. Haters gonna hate.

    That 70% remark is bullshit and Jones himself knows it, he's just baiting the haters with that one and watching the $$$$ roll in and so many fall for it every time. No wonder America has a muslim brotherhood Islamic terrorist president now, as far too many are so easily led.

    • idiot … stop bringing up crap about the president and muslims… we are talking about the fight idiot

  • How disrespectful for Jones to say. This is a good example of why he's hated by his fellow competition and Mma fans. I'm not going to address his nonsense statement, what a clown.

  • Not quite human eh??

  • Jonny Boy,clearly you are still not totally back on planet earth from getting busted up by Gus,it's a far trip from LA LA land so by all means take your time,then watch the fight again and get back to us,cheers bud!

  • i scored Jones 48-47 due to rounds 2, 4, 5 but saying he was 70% come on son….

  • Jones won the fight… People got brain washed with Rogan, and Goldberg bias during the fight..+ All the fans cheering for Gustafsson.. The fight was awesome, yet Bones clearly won…Haters need to live with it and move on..

  • jones you retard … if you had won easy you wouldn't of said **** about being at 70 percent.. you have to be the most full of crap person I ever heard since GEORGE W BUSH lol

  • D

    I think making excuses after a win is one of the most disrespectful things a fighter can do.

    And even if you clearly win 3 of 5 rounds, its not decisive. 3-2 is a very close fight.