Highlights: Darren Till Demolishes Donald Cerrone At UFC Gdansk

Photo Credit: Per Haljestam for USA TODAY Sports

Unbeaten British welterweight Darren Till had a golden opportunity to burst onto the UFC welterweight ranks when he fought longtime contender Donald Cerrone in the main event of today’s (Sat., October 21, 2017) UFC Fight Night 118 from the Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Poland, but not many were giving him a shot against the feared veteran.

However, Till did exactly what he predicted in the lead-up to the fight and dominated Cerrone from the opening bell (at least for a long as the fight lasted), blasting him with a vicious shot early followed by a stinging elbow that opened the floodgates for a brutal onslaught of ground shots that left referee Marc Goddard with no choice but to call the bout in the first round.

Till looked huge and overpowering, truly appearing to be the size of a middleweight, and it seemed like ‘Cowboy,’ who is now beginning to show the wear and tear of being perhaps the most active fighter in UFC history, was never truly in the fight at any point against the larger and younger “Gorilla.”

The future looks extremely bright for the brash Brit all of the sudden, and he called out fellow surging young competitor Mike “Platinum” Perry in his post-fight interview. There will be many match-ups discussed for Till in the stacked welterweight division in the coming weeks, and they should all present new and exciting bouts.

Now, it’s time for Till to enjoy his biggest-ever win in MMA by a longshot. Check out the combination that marked the beginning of the end for Cerrone right here: