Conor McGregor Goes Nuts On Twitter, Blasts Nate Diaz For ‘Excuses’


‘Notorious’ is back at it again on Twitter, and this time he has exchanged in a war-of-words with FrontRowBrian. FRB made the following post Monday morning, referencing McGregor’s former opponent Nate Diaz’s size:

McGregor, who’s confidence seems un-dwindled despite Diaz’s astonishing size, then responded to FRB:

This would then start a barrage of tweets from fans, which the Irishman was happy to respond to:

McGregor also responded to a fan who criticized the Irishman’s suspect ground game:

McGregor also believes he can cause the Stockton native’s gas tank to run out:

It seems despite his removal from the UFC 200 card, where he was scheduled to rematch Diaz, McGregor still has his eyes set on Diaz for his next bout rather than a featherweight return.

McGregor is expected to take on the winner of Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar for the interim 145-pound title at UFC 200. It seems, however, the Irishman has other plans for his Octagon return.

But it didn’t stop here, as McGregor continued his verbal assault, taking on Floyd Mayweather and talking more about Diaz…

  • AMJ

    Not sure that Connor remembers that he lost to nate, actually he quit. Nuff said.

    • Aegis

      He tapped out.

      Not tapping out places your opponent in the invidious position of having to put you to sleep and risk killing you. Most opponents would rather let go than do this.

      Tapping out is absolutely the correct and honourable option. There is no shame in that route.

  • Steve Barnes

    Conor’s ground game is pretty bad, that’s why he’s avoiding Frankie at all costs, Frankie would take his title.

    • MeatCrusher

      His ground game is non-existent. Same as Holly.

  • Sudaca

    He should really stop opening his mouth as he keeps on making a bigger fool of himself each time he does. I dont understand why he would be angry at anyone but himself he has noneone to blame but himself. Instead of talking crap on twitter he should have gone to the pressers that he was sopposed to but he knew that he had nothing to say to Nate therefore he wouldn’t have seemed like his usual self. That is why he didn’t want to do press with Nate in the same room.

  • Sudaca

    He has to defend his belt next. Otherwise people won’t take him seriously any more.

  • Sudaca

    Whats he talking about Diaz making excuses, the only one making excuses is himself.


    I thought he retired!!

    • MeatCrusher

      His reputation did, whether he wanted it to or not.


    Nate is at least one weight division higher then Conor. Nate should be fighting at 170 or 185. Conor wants the rematch but Dana White and the UFC won’t give us the match we all want the most. Dana is a jacka$$. He’s screwing Holly Holm out of a rematch out of retribution just because he can.

    • Charles Smith

      Do you even watch mma? Nate is a lightweight. He got tossed around by rory at 170 so why on earth would he ever go to middle weight? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Rockhold, romero, weidman, would have a field day with nate.

    • apocalypse123

      only the mcg nuthuggers want to see a nate vs conor rematch. get real, conor lost, he needs to take his lick and move on. he has a belt to defend,

  • I Am Spartacus

    I’d rather watch this than watch Conor go pick on the little guys again. People talk about Frankie Frankie Frankie but Frankie would be put to sleep but half of the shots Conor landed on Nate.

    • strate2nd

      Frankie’s never been knocked out one time in his career he’s got 4 losses all decisions and that’s against the pound for pound toughest guys in the UFC….. Connor McGregor’s over he showed his weakness now they’re all gonna tear him up… Watch… Mark my words…. Don’t say shit just watch and remember what I said

      • I Am Spartacus

        Yea pound for pound toughest guys in the sport… like Aldo who McGregor dropped in 13 seconds, Benson Henderson who has lost 3 out of his last 5 fights (I like Bendo), and Gray Maynard who has lost 5 of his last 7 fights (including 1 loss to Edgar and 1 draw to Edgar).

        McGregor has never had a strong ground game. That being said he still took Nate to the ground. This idea that Frankie would just go in there and win a wrestling match easily is naive.

        Frankie is so worried about McGregor that he’ll be lucky to get past Aldo. And if he does, Conor will finish him off. Watch… Mark my words…. Don’t say shit just watch and remember what I said.

        • Itsa Secret

          Seriously bro? You think McWhitebelt took Nate down? Maybe you should learn some grappling? Diaz sunk in a guillotine setup IMMEDIATELY after CM shot in. He willingly went to the ground with the white belt because he knew that CM was a fish out of water down there with a Gracie black belt.

    • David Twardy

      Id rather see conor vs siver 2 then vs nate again at least siver has a punchers chance

  • Dash Riprock

    He’s just grasping at straws now cuz he knows he screwed up. Never bite the hand that feeds you, Imbecile.

    • MeatCrusher

      Yup, the Fertittas will teach him a very expensive lesson. Dana is just the puppet.

  • Nate Lambert

    Conor cares first about the $$$. He likes to quote all the PPV stats and gate #’s because it makes him feel like he can beat anyone b/c he draws more than any other fighter. If I were a fighter (which i am NOT), my gameplan would be just take Conor to the ground and expose him just like Nate did once they got to the mats. He played his hand and lost. You gotta do what your boss says, or you will be out of a job eventually.

    • I Am Spartacus

      Everybody has a gameplan until they punched in the mouth

      • Michael


  • MeatCrusher

    McNugget is still trying to talk a war of words, but he just comes off as a joke now. Diaz owned you on NO camp and will obliterate you if you ever meet again. Go away Conor, the UFC will be fine without you. You are the male DNB.

    • Michael

      I think he is trying to create a hype so big Dana will beg him to fight at 200

  • Bill Wolf

    Nate Diaz won the fight. Conor McGregor didn’t show up for his contractual obligations to get a rematch. No tweets will change this.