Bellator 96 Results: King Mo Advances to Tourney Finals, Babalu Retires Following Loss


Bellator 96 kicked off the promotion’s summer series with a bang tonight, continuing the trend of rousing knockouts and finishes. King Mo faced off with Seth Petruzelli in the main event, looking to erase the bad memories left by being knocked out by an Emanuel Newton spinning backfist. Lawal needed a win badly to keep his hype train rolling.

As expected, King Mo came out aggressive. John McCarthy halted the action when a head-butt felled Petruzelli. Mo scored a single leg takedown and then he scored an absolutely vicious blast of a right hand that needed no follow up on the ground. An amazing statement win for Lawal, and a spot in the tournament finals.

Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral stepped into the cage looking for redemption from his prior Bellator loss. In the light heavyweight tournament semifinals, he had no easy task in Jacob Noe. As the two began a chess match on the feet, Noe landed some clean shots but was bloodied by Babalu’s jab.  A couple of low blows to Noe halted the action. Babalu landed some hard low kicks in the second but ate some power punches soon thereafter. After Sobral missed a takedown in the third, Noe hit him with some huge shots, and the referee stopped the bout as a blood spattered Babalu wobbled around the cage. Babalu officially retired immediately after the bout, marking the end of a great career.

In the second bout of the heavyweight tourney, Ryan Martinez and Rich Hale went to war in another short-lived bout. Martinez spun Hale to the ground early and finished him off with a ground-rocking series of punches.

In the heavyweight tournament semifinals, undefeated Sambo champion Vitaly Minakov met Ron Sparks. The fight began with an explosion, as Minakov landed a brutal straight right to floor Sparks. It was elementary from there, and Minakov finds himself with a spot in the tournament finals.

War Machine made his return to the cage after a lengthy absence. He looked good from the outset against Blas Avena, getting up from an early takedown to land some crisp hooks. He earned a slam of his own, and later capitalized on a nice trip by locking his opponent into a tight crucifix. After Avena ate an unanswered series of left hands, the ref stepped in and stopped the bout. War Machine proclaimed that he is coming for the Bellator 170 lb. title.

Bellator 96 Main Card Results:

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: King Mo def. Seth Petruzelli via R1 KO (punch)

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: Jacob Noe def. Renato “Babalu” Sobral via R3 TKO (ref stoppage)

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: Ryan Martinez def. Rich Hale via R1 KO (punches)

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals: Vitaly Minakov def. Ron Sparks via R1 TKO (punch)

War Machine def. Blas Avena via R1 TKO (strikes) 

  • If you didn't see it live…wow.

    What a punch.


    • king mo should be in the ufc. final, i know someday he'll be a champ if he is on ufc.

      • One impressive KO by Mo, and you seriously talking about him beeing a champ one day in the UFC? C'mon give me a break… He's not even in the top10 imo.

        Nice KO though!

        • king mo destroyed seth, did you forget the the one he knockout was the one who destroyed kimbo slice who was dominating in the ufc and the streets of america so theres no doubt that someday king mo will be a champ if he's in ufc.

          • Haha made my day ^^

            The only thing i can say is…

            Don’t argue with idiots because they'll drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience!

    • Watching King Mo deliver that devastating punch made me feel as masculine as a girl guide selling chocolate brownies.

      • It was brutal. I have no idea what Seth was thinking having is defenses that open. He got what he was asking for.

      • lets not forget he s trained by an unbeaten boxer mr floyd money gayweather.

  • Forgot to say…shout out to Babalu for his career, efforts and hanging in there for as long as he did / has.

    He's been in the professional fight game dating back to 1997. That's last century, man! He is / was…the epitome and very definition of the term "old school".

    The sport, business and father time have simply passed him by.

    I tip my cap to him as he exits the cage door. Career, well done.

    Good for him and thanks for the memories.

    • At the end of the day he lost the fight but he went out standing….I'm surprised the fight got called off.

      • alot of refs would have allowed a bit more punishment….good decision overall.

        • I thought it was a good call. He was done. Maybe more to the point is why did he bother taking the fight?

          I hope it wasn't just a question of needing a payday.

  • Mo looked so much better physically. What a shot on the ground. Guy is a beast when he's in shape and wrestles.

  • Mo did look good, but I cannot help but dislike the guy. The comment at the pre-fight recording. Dissing the guy who knocked him out, by saying a spinning back fist is what you do when you are scared or something. No respect, no class. Accept your defeat and take nothing away from your opponent, King Lessaman.

    • King Mo reminds me of Rampage at the end of his career, he complains about people doing anything other than standing there letting him do what he wants. He's a good fighter, raw talent still. With his attitude though he'll never get to the top because he feels like he's owed the world already, not that he should have to earn it. I don't think at any point in his career he'll be in the top 5 LHW's in the world. He'll be lucky to reach the top 10 and maintain it any more than a fight or 2

  • I'm surprised Bablu survived that fight.
    Martinez put Hale to sleep & then woke him up again.
    Nasty shot King Mo landed. ***** that the next Bellator isn't till over a month.

  • I am a die hard mma fan but Bellator is a terrible organization. How did King Mo make it to the final's? How does someone get Ko'd as bad as he did and even be in the race. If he filled in someone's spot, why did they chose King Mo. Bellator is acting like there structure is built to earn your spot but there manipulating the outcome a little bit. On top of all that, the whole fightmaster Idea make's no sense. There whole game is based on trying to act like there the honest company and that is far from the truth. Randy Couture stabbed the UFC in the back and he did the same thing to all his wives.