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UFC 162 Salaries: Anderson Silva Bags 600K To Chris Weidman’s 48K


UFC 162 proved a whole lot of things about MMA, most of all it proved that the GOAT can have a bad night. Silva was outworked by Weidman all night, who had the perfect gameplan to topple the long time champion. With all the conspiracy theories and excuses that have been made, I think it is as simple as the better man won, with a better gameplan on the night. End of discussion.

That being said, I am a firm believer that Silva can beat Weidman, but thats another article. What UFC 162 also showed was that even on a bad night, The Spider gets paid. Check out the full UFC 162 salary list:

Chris Weidman: $48,000 ($24,000 plus $24,000 win bonus)

Anderson Silva: $600,000

Frankie Edgar: $240,000 ($120,000 plus $120,000 win bonus)

Charles Oliveira: $21,000

Tim Kennedy: $90,000 ($60,000 plus $30,000 win bonus)

Roger Gracie: $50,000

Mark Munoz: $84,000 ($42,000 plus $42,000 win bonus)

Tim Boetsch: $37,000

Cub Swanson: $58,000 ($29,000 plus $29,000 win bonus)

Dennis Siver: $33,000

Andrew Craig: $24,000 ($12,000 plus $12,000 win bonus)

Chris Leben: $51,000

Norman Parke: $30,000 ($15,000 plus $15,000 win bonus)

Kazuki Tokudome: $8,000

Gabriel Gonzaga: $58,000 ($29,000 plus $29,000 win bonus)

Dave Herman: $23,000

Edson Barboza: $46,000 ($23,000 plus $23,000 win bonus)

Rafaello Oliveira: $14,000

Brian Melancon: $16,000 ($8,000 plus $8,000 win bonus)

Seth Baczynski: $16,000

Mike Pierce: $56,000 ($28,000 plus $28,000 win bonus)

David Mitchell: $10,000

Imagine how much Silva might have netted had he won?

  • 600k to act like a clown and get knocked the F out? Where do I sign? *sigh*

    • I agree completely! And Weidman getting paid $48,000? That's a ****!n joke!!

      His win bonus should have been $100,000. The bigger the win, the bigger the bonus.

      It's absolutely insane. Pretty much every single fighter on the card minus a small handful made more money than Chris Weidman…

      God damn cheap *** UFC. Complete Bullsh!t

      • Before everyone starts crying about Weidmans pay. It was Weidman who wanted to wait till after the Silva fight to renegotiate his contract.

        • Dana Whtie said that absolutely never happened post fight (believe him if u want) and Weidman even said prefight that the UFC had been extremely good to him while he was injured. Maybe he was just wanting to be a good company man cuz that's the best way to get ahead but maybe the UFC looking after their fighters like Dana White said isn't such bs after all. And does Weidman get a cut of ppv sales for this cuz that will dramatically affect his pay.

        • That was dayum smart negotiating after the fight with a HUGE win. Because before the fight, he was only a contender who 3/4's gave no chance. His stock went up 10 fold.

      • On one hand I understand y people like Leben, Gonzaga, Pierce, Edgar and Munoz got the $ they did just cause they been in the UFC awhile but how did Kennedy and Gracie get so much for their debut?

      • @Bryan….I disagree with you on this one….Weidman got paid $48,000. But you are forgetting that Dana was only paid $15 million. Dana deserves way more than that. Start thinking about Dana's welfare for once in your life.

    • HEY HEY CALM DOWN ALL FOLKS!!! Weidman got the KO of the night bonus which means KA-CHING!!!

      But for real man I know Vietnamese streethookers who make more than they do, just dont ask me how I know.

      • Get yourself a claculator Ringo dumsh&$

    • You c0ck!!! he got paid £600k for being the best mixed martial artist of all time.

  • How the hell does the ufc pay roster actually work?
    It seems to have absolutely no structure at all.
    Fighters getting more money because they used to be champion.
    Fighters getting more money because they have had a few more fights.
    It needs to be structured better.

    • It does have structure… You win? your pay goes up, you loose it stays the same, you loose too much u get cut. Anderson Silva was the champ for 7 years and as champ the base pay grows faster. Even if a champ loses that does not change the base pay it stays the same, it just wont grow as much as when they were champs. It makes perfect sense. Keep winning and you'll BANK, as simple as that.

      • Weidman is undefeated…..

        • But he was NOT a champ…. so he didn't make CHAMP money yet!
          He went from 8000 to 24000 base pay in 5 fights… It tripled since his first fight and will continue to grow, especially now with him being the champ it will grow even more significantly. That's how it works for all the fighters. You have to start somewhere.

  • Chris Weidman made way more than 48 k moron!! Weidman get's a piece of the pay per view revenue that was huge and he won a 50 thousand dollar win bonus. And how come nobody mention's those thing's on the salary report's on here.You don't have to give exact number's on pay per view revenue or bonuses but a simple mention would be fare.

    • True that… and you better believe Weidman got a substantial Locker room BONUS!

    • are you dana?

  • Sometimes fighters get better pay if they are more cotraversial, or trash talk more.
    What I am trying to say is there needs to be a more set in stone guidelines on how the pay structure works.
    Also I hate the fact that when a fighter loses he or her could lose their job, that policy stinks.
    I don`t know a way they could round it otherwise but it definately *****.
    Perhaps new fighters coming into the UFC could get three fights minimum before being cut, it takes the pressure of the fighters a little, perhaps they would open up a little on their debuts and not suffer as terrible nerves because whatever the fighters say for most of them it is their jobs and they are doing it to provide for their families.

    • Fighter's do have to lose three in a row to lose there job unless there fight looked unprofessional. If your not a mixed martial artist then you shouldn't be in the UFC. And almost all the guy's who have been cut after one or two fight's have not been able to showcase any mixed skill set or simply don't belong on the main stage. Most of the fighter's who have been cut have relied on wrestling with no ground and pound which is an epidemic in MMA. At the end of the day your coach can't be the only one who think's your good or exciting or highly skilled, the organization and the fan's have to also. If other sport's kept guy's who couldn't compete with the upper echelon then what kind of a game would we all be watching?

    • You have to own the moment in every sport or you won't be there, all these guy's can get better and come back when there better, more exciting and know how to finish fight's.

  • Personally I think Edgar should get 50k and 200k if he finishes bonus. Same for GSP nowadays.

  • Anderson made the same as Weidman when he defeated Franklin for the belt.
    You guys just love acting like the ufc is making guys pay them to fight.
    Doesnt matter that they helped weidman out cause they wanted to after the hurricane or any of that stuff its all ufc dana hitler nonsense.

    • dude, the ufc was broke at that time! Tell me this… how much did franklin won for that fight?

  • Two words for the UFC on Weidmans salary…..F?(k YOU.

    • By the way, welcome to lowkick Rumble

  • People are killing me…no offense, but (guys "loses" fight) (my wheel is "loose")
    Thankyou. That is all. 8))

  • I think for getting KO'd cold like that Andersons deserwing much more money. 7 other fighters got more money than Weidman and he is the champ wow wath a organisation

    • 7 other fighter's did not get paid more than Weidman, he get's pay per view revenue which is huge, plus a 50 thousand dollar win bonus and bonuses we don't even know about. That takes his "48k" and bring's it to at least $200 000 if not more. This article is biased and not correct.

  • Silva would have been paid 800k had he won. fyi

  • $600,000 is pathetic for doing his stupid chicken dance and then getting owned. No wonder fighters are complaining about pay. Silva is one big reason why.

  • Can't believe Weidman made that little compared to the other fighters.