Stefan Struve believes he’s close to a title shot, wants Werdum next

Stefan Struve believes he’s close to a title shot, wants Werdum next


Coming off of an impressive 2nd round stoppage of previously unbeaten Stipe Miocic at Saturday’s UFC on Fuel TV 5 card, 24-year-old Stefan Struve believes he’s just about ready for a crack at the UFC heavyweight title. The 7-footer figures that he’s another win or two away from the heavyweight holy grail and he’s already looking towards his next opponent.

“Fabricio Werdum would be an awesome fight for my next fight,” Struve said during the post fight press conference. “I think I can cope with him on the ground, and I think I can rough him up on the feet.”

Struve’s ground game has always been dangerous but it is his standup that has opened eyes recently. Since losing by knockout to Travis Browne last May, Struve has demonstrated exceptional strides in his Muy Thai kickboxing. He’s won four straight since the loss and scored two impressive knockouts, including his 2nd round wreckage of a former Golden Gloves champion in Miocic.

“There’s not a lot of other guys in the heavyweight division on a four-fight win streak right now,” Struve said about his recent stretch of wins that has his record in the UFC currently standing at 9-3 (25-5 overall) . “Four finishes in my last four fights. I believe I won six of my last seven. I’m not even sure. I think I got 29 pro wins now, but I think I’m closing in on that, but still, there’s no rush. I’m 24, imagine what I can do in four years, but I think I’m a couple of wins away.”

A victory over the man who submitted Fedor Emelianenko and possesses remarkable Brazilian jiujitsu would be an impressive feat for the always improving Struve. Werdum is coming off of a 1st round TKO over Mike Russow at UFC 147 and is likely looking for a fight to catapult himself into the heavyweight title picture. Struve-Werdum would be the perfect heavyweight bout but UFC president Dana White wouldn’t commit to that tantalizing showdown just yet, however.

“He’s in there,” White said about Struve. “He’s well inside the top-10.”

  • he didnt even make it 1min last time, jds will ko him again

  • and thats the problem. jds has already beaten most of ufc’s talent: struve, valesquez, carwin, nelson, mir, werdum…
    overeem and cormier should be next, but for those fights we will still have to wait some time.
    barnett and karitonov could come over to ufc, maybe they work themselfes up to a title shot. but whatever happens, i want to see jds fight 4 times a year hahaha

  • YES! Struve vs Werdum is right match up. Werdum all day, he’s on a ridiculous level, in my opinion.

  • I think JDS would likely win but I think the next match between the two will much closer than the last. Struve’s improving at a tremendous rate. Don’t count him out so quickly.

  • Werdum dominates Struve… 46.76 times out of 50

  • You know, I really like Stefan, but I think Werdum would wipe his ass with him.

  • Werdum is a little overrated. I’d put my money on Struve to beat him.
    But if Struve fights Cain or Dos Santos he will get crushed.

  • should think about avenging his embarassing brutal ko loss to nelson!


  • Overrated? LOL. Fvcking LOL…..

  • Werdum is nasty.

  • u might want to back up off werdum’s nuts, its not a very good look for you. besides this is mma, if u give struve a chance he will probably ktfo werdum. believe it or not but struves striking is just as good. werdum only has clinch knees and kicks, besides jitsu. sure he beat up old fedor and roy nelson but whoopty doo.. struve would probably not make the same mistake against roy either. plus werdums been a boring fighter at times (antonio silva/overeem fight). if u can outstrike werdum he becomes a sissy

  • Relax man, Werdum is far from overrated. His submission game is sick and way beyond Struves level I reckon. His stand-up isn’t all that bad either. I mean, boring or not, he did stand a few rounds with Overeem.
    I agree with mindkontrolle here, my money would be on Werdum.

  • I think it sounds like an interesting match up, I’d give the edge to Werdum but not much more then that. I still can’t quite get over how bad Werdum was vs Overeem either.

  • I got him at 46.749…but everyone is entitled to their opinions.

  • I will pay you with a kick right to the sack.

  • excuse the all caps moment. i know, it’s unpleasant.

  • Yeah, a little overrated.
    He has lost to Nog, JDS, Arlovski, Overeem.
    He is not improving and has peeked.
    Struve is still very young and improving each fight.
    Who has Wedum beaten that you are impressed with lately?(since 2011?) Big Country? Russow?

  • you mean when Werdum looked ridiculous layed out against JDS??? lmfao….**** WERDUM!!!! he a pussy just like you!!!

  • whens the last time werdum kod anyone?

  • lvl 1? struve is right up there with werdum and mir. he pulls off more subs than most heavyweights

  • okay russow ko was good

  • are we talking about the same big country that KOd struve in 30 seconds?

  • JDS, Cain, Carwin and Overeem would all blow through this beanpole scary quick.

  • struve isnt even top 10

  • 1JDS

  • I think you misread the comment kickassfast 😛

  • If he thinks he is close to a title shot, let him be the replacement in the Cormier fight and see if he still feels the same afterward.

  • always read carefully! lol

  • ????????????????

  • correct!

  • incorrect!

  • Because some people are picking Struve over Werdum you assume they are NEWBS? Child Please.

  • Cormier would man-handle Struve.