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New Men’s Pound for Pound Top 4


The left hook heard ’round the world obviously shook up all of fighting. Anderson Silva’s attempts at goading Weidman into recklessness proved a disaster on the level of Muhammad Ali talking mid-fight to Ken Norton (a match in which Ali’s jaw was broken). The result is a new middleweight champion, and new pound-for-pound king sitting atop the rankings. This type of rankings list changes routinely, whether it be an off performance by a usually great fighter or a unexpected loss; these tend to get shaken up a bit. Just not at the very top.

Below is a list of the most dominant fighters in the world, and different person at the top of the list for the first time in at least 4 years.

4. Anderson Silva- The greatest fighter in MMA’s short history lost for the first time in his UFC career Saturday night. His takedown defense held up after an early shot by Weidman, but it cost striking defense horribly. The games he’s played in the past to look inhuman against the likes of Forrest Griffin and Demian Maia just didn’t work against Chris. It appeared Anderson had the fight going partly in his favor at the end of the first round, but whenever he tried to unleash (in the middle of dancing) Weidman was able to defend. The future is wide open (at the moment) for Anderson. He could rematch Chris, he could try for a “superfight”, or he could push harder for a boxing match against Roy Jones Jr. Any one would be entertaining.

Make no mistake, Anderson Silva was a loser in the fight at UFC 162. He didn’t just beat himself. He didn’t just have a bad night. He didn’t just showboat too much. He lost to a guy who was better than him on that night; one that is just going to improve. However, if Anderson can come back to form in his next fight (against whomever it may be) than his stock will surely rise again. Because at his best, he was the greatest.

aldo2 (tie). Jose Aldo- Skill for skill, speed for speed, power for power; Jose Aldo might be the most scary fighter on earth. His kicks are fast, accurate, and crippling. His punching is crisp and destructive, and his improvisation is on the level of the former king. Rankings are about results though, and Jose is not at a shortage in that department. In 2009, Aldo tore through Mike Brown to become the undisputed best featherweight in the world. Since then he has gone through 6 opponents who have all been ranked in the top five (most in the top 3) with one exception, the guy who just got robbed in a lightweight title fight, Frankie Edgar. Jose has blasted people early (Mendes, Swanson), he has had to grind out tough decisions (Florian, Faber), and he has piled on the assault until the other guy just couldn’t keep up (Brown, Gamburyan).

He also won what was possibly the best fight in mma history (with two top 10 pfp fighters) this past February against Edgar. Jose’s next fight was going to be another crazy match up against a former lighweight in Anthony Pettis. However, after Anthony got hurt Chan Sung Jung “The Korean Zombie” stepped up to take his place. While Jung is a tough featherweight, with a decent win streak, he will most likely be cannon fodder for the champ.

Jones2 (tie). Jon Jones- The best light-heavyweight in MMA’s short history, the owner of five consecutive title defenses in the UFC’s flagship division,  and all before he turned 26. Jon Jones has been blazing his way through mixed martial arts for 3 years now, and is on the precipice of the #1 spot in these rankings (or already there depending on who you ask).

His exceptional use of range keeps opponents at a workable distance for however long he keeps the fight standing, and his perfect takedown defense (he has literally never been taken down inside the UFC) make sure he has the only option of bringing the fight to the ground once the cage door closes. Once the fight hits the ground, Jones is even more dangerous. His 3 foot arms give him the advantage of causing damage while being able stay postured out of trouble (outside of one armbar attempt against Vitor Belfort), while also letting him latch on to chokes whenever opponents panic and give him their head.

“Bones” has a fight lined up later this year with Alexander Gustafsson where he’ll finally be coming face to face with a striker the same size (and actually a little bit taller). It will also mark the longest title defense streak in the 205 pound division if he can get by his lanky adversary.

GSP1. Georges St. Pierre- Dominance personified. GSP has made the UFC’s welterweight division his home since January of 2004. His record there, 18-2. The two guys who beat him, brutally destroyed in the rematch(s). St. Pierre has faced off against top 5 competition in almost every fight since taking on Matt Hughes as a fresh faced 23 year old at UFC 50. He’s had his slip ups along the way; like the time Matt Hughes took a last second armbar in the first round of their first meeting, or when Matt Serra knocked him senseless after landing a glancing over hand right. But since then, he’s been a machine.

While his new style of control over excitement has lost him fans at both the casual and hardcore level, his style has been nearly flawless in its execution. He’s been in 11 fights since the loss to Matt Serra 6 years ago. Out of a possible 46 rounds in that time frame he has lost 3 maybe 4 of them. One of those rounds was his first fight back against Josh Koscheck, the second (and possible third) was against Jake Shields where he became a victim of Jake’s patented “poke you in the eye while inching forward like a zombie” offense, and the last was when Carlos Condit caught him with a beautifully executed left high kick in the third round last November (which GSP came back from later in the round to land some good shots of his own and slam Carlos).

One hopes he can up the ante against Johny Hendricks in his next fight, and get a stoppage for the first time since 2009. But the lack of stoppages doesn’t effect this list at the moment (as the king of the stoppage is no longer on top).

  • I am a big GSP fan but I cannot stomach the fact that he is the no 1 P4P now. Surely, these rankings are based on legitimate statistics but I refuse to accept it. Anderson Silva was, and will always remain the most dominant fighter in the history of this sport and by all means, the Greatest Of All Time.

    • I agree grandslam…Silva has finished 12 of 17 opponents. Made so many fighters look like amateurs, competed three times at light heavyweight.

    • The article even points that out brother. Just not anymore.

      These guys will most likely be on the list for greatest. This is only a list of their standing in the sport right now.

      • You have a tough job Evan.

      • Was GSP not a top guy anymore after Serra? I think Anderson is still better than GSP by far. It took Anderson twice as long as GSP to get a loss in the UFC.

        • No, GSP fell outside of the top of the PFP discussion and his top spot at WW.

          GSP wasn't 38, and was just clipped by a random overhand right.

          Silva and Weidman have both corroborated the story of Silva just not being able to take Chris off his game with the antics in the cage. It wasn't some flukish victory some are trying to portray as Anderson giving away a W. It was a victory of Weidman forcing Silva into overcompensating with rough GnP early, and Silva not being able to find him with good counters.

          GSP had single digit fights before entering the UFC. Anderson already had a career as an uber prospect that just had random slip ups along the way.

          • @evan, nothing in that fight made me think silva showed his age. He appeared to still be faster than chris to my eyes. Ppl get caught, get ko'd , no one's invincible it's been proven over and over again, not necessarily a sign of aging, that's your assumption. Whether it was Weidman's superior striking, or Silvas own clowning that got him ko'd is also up in the air. Most fans/analysts/fighters believe the latter.
            There's nothing random about Serras right hand, it found it's target. I'd also point out that the amount of ppl who have poked GSP in the eye , is not random either. Though i think it has to do with georges striking acumen (reaction time, head movement) rather than cheating opponents.
            P4p lists are fun, but also unscientific and change monthly. It's fun as a "who's hot" fantasy list for fans, but different sites rank in different orders. It's like part stats, part subjective reasoning. UFC's "official" list has Jones at #1 atm.

          • You're completely right about MMA's PFP lists.

            It shows the age of the sport.

            Most fans and analysts are split on the subject. This site is more in favor of the latter. Others are not.

            Anderson Silva is still faster than Chris, I don't doubt that. However, I think its quite visible that he is not as quick as he was 2 or 3 years ago.

            There are two people who have poked Georges in the eye, and it effected his performance. One has poked nearly half the people he has fought in the eye (Josh Koscheck), the other is a guy with no real striking acumen (Jake Shields). Nobody said anything about cheating. Don't try stretch my point to add your own.

  • Georges Safe-Pierre #!P4P? LMAO. This list is nothing but a joke.

    1. Jon Jones
    2. Silva
    3. Aldo
    4. Georges

    • Yes, the longest current winning streak in the UFC in one of its toughest divisions. A joke.

      • That win streak is only because he lost long before Silva did in the UFC. lol. They are tied for losses in the UFC and Silva took twice as long to get a loss and it was when he was clowning where GSP never once dared entertain showboating or doing anything risky.

        • Yes, and the discussion is about right now. Not back when GSP had that loss, lol.

          GSP still has one more loss.

          Nobody is arguing who is more entertaining, or who likes to showboat more.

          Anderson lost while clowning in the middle of a fight he was losing. Even Anderson admits this. Clowning wasn't the cause of his loss. As if he was a bit younger he could have inched away from that left hook, and come back with a straight counter to put Chris down (and we'd be discussing how supernatural he is still).

    • @Underdog… thats the list and nothing else…! I was tempted to even leave Silva at Nr.1 cause 1 loss does not define a fighter and his record speaks for itself but Bones is yet undefeated (the one loss on his record is a joke to say the least) so i'll give him that.

      • Oh and about Safe Pierre…. I'm not even discussing Top 3 until he starts f*cking finishing some fights!!

      • Totally agree, that is stupid. Silva should be still number one, or maybe…maybe below Jones @ 2, 1 frickin fight where he got stupid, does not change the legacy, if he rematched, fought with intent to kill, and still lost, then yea, bump him down to #2. GSP…whatever, lets average the won / finished / lost fights through their career, take out time, consider the Serra loss, he is certainly nothing compared to Anderson, or Jones, hell, probably lower than Aldo imo.

      • @Thexperience1:

        Whoever made this list had the right people, however the ranking is an absolute joke. I agree that Silva should be at number one, but I'd put him at #2 out of respect for Jon Jones.

        To be honest, I don't even consider that a loss, although Silva's record will say otherwise. To me, If Silva ever fights again, I truly hope Bruce Buffer has enough guts to announce Silva's record as 33 Wins – 4 losses and 1 friendly giveaway. Lol – it may seem like I'm joking, but, sir, I really am not.

        As for Jon Jones' only "loss", It's hard to believe that they actually added a so-called loss to his record, wow. That, my friend, is flagrantly preposterous. It's shameful to say the least.

        As for Georges Safe-Pierre, Well, I don't know where to even start. Great fighter, but not P4P King material in my opinion. By the way, how did he leapfrog Jose Aldo, let alone Jon Jones?

        • Non Silva fans have been waiting for this a looonngg time now, i say let them say & believe what they wanna.

          I due give props to Brian Cox for stating from day 1 he is a Wiedman fan but some of these other cats that popped up Saturday night out the blue(Mokoko,Rigo,Mindkuntts) i dont know.

          • Im treading lightly, dont want to step in poo 8))

    • This is on the money. I don't consider Georges a top P4P FIGHTER. He's the top tactician in the UFC. He's doesn't fight. He has the greatest ability to avoid a fight and just smother people. If you gave this guy an hour in a fight he'd still never finish. The other guy would pass out from being tired or just fall asleep from being bored

  • GSP is the P4P number 1.

    Look flashy finishes don't make legacies. When history rolls on. It will just remember the hard facts. GSP nearly never loses a round. He's reigned over UFC's toughest division. Even his legendary peers in their prime didn't have the rogues gallery GSP has had.

    GSP has taken on all americans, state champs, champs from other feds, BJJ world champs, golden glove winners, and still always found a way to win!

    I don't think Spiders lose pushes him too far down. But I do think the bar has now been set. We will see if GSP manages to dethrone the Spiders records with his own.

    • All i'm reading is farts and bags of ****… GSP will never be in the Top 3 until he knocks a TOP contender out… You say flashy finishes dont make legacies?? We'll see who will still remember GSP 10 years after he retires, if he doesn't start finishing fights in spectacular fashion sometime soon….

      • @experience…..you never sit on the fence with your opinions. So I'll hand you a sharp for your non safe stand and bang opinions

    • Never losing a round is cool and all, but the point is to win fights not rounds. Laying on someone doing nothing except having excellent ground control isn't really winning a fight. It's the reason that Wrestling doesn't have a professional sport and even the Olympics don't want it. It's so boring and pathetic. Wrestling IS NOT fighting. Use your wrestling to finish fights if it's so good. Control the fight and Sub someone or ground and pound them til it's over. Humpinngg legs for 25 minutes isn't winning a fight.

  • GSP is like a boxer , holding you to the ropes and resting on you.

    • I dont mean that in a technical sense, meant it as in just as exciting to watch.

  • GSP can only be pound for pound at not losing.

  • GSP has an incredible winning-streak and won against top-level contenders. he accomplished that because of his professional training and his, not very entertaining, GAMEPLANS (…phuckin hate these anyway.) but what does a p4p-list means – it should compare fighters different weight classes, who's the best man, if they where all the same weight…. THEN, you can't put GSP on 1st place. JJ, AS and maybe even aldo are better fighters and more talented. GSP compensated a lot because of his training and his discipline! he's a great champion and phenomenal athlete, but NOT p4p #1

  • This is Silva's "Matt Serra" moment, except GSP just got knocked out, he didn't look like a clown as well.

    Is Rush #1? If GSP passes Silva's records for wins and title defenses, he is not matter what you say.

    But George is still above Anderson. "Just win, baby."

  • I am a GSP fan…………………….but Meathead Mitrione should be #1!

  • 1. Jones 2. Silva 3. Aldo 4. GSP … Dont agree with GSP being number1, just look how jon jones ends fights compared to GSP, I can't ever see jones getting beat, and I think Hendricks is gonna knock GSP out! …Rory macdonald will soon be up there when he takes the welterweight belt !!