It’s time for B.J. Penn to retire


Before B.J. Penn even stepped into the Octagon on Saturday night, I knew it was over. The sound throttling at the hands of Rory MacDonald simply confirmed what I already thought.

B.J. Penn’s time is up.

I hated watching it because it was inevitable but most held out hope that the old Baby Jay would show up in Seattle. Nope. That time has passed and Penn had little to no chance against a kid with the size and skills of MacDonald. Fighting at welterweight hasn’t really treated Penn right. You can try and count the Matt Hughes fight at UFC 123 but the reality was that Hughes was more washed up than Penn. You would actually have to go all the way back to UFC 46 when Penn choked out a then much more dominant Hughes to find when B.J. was worth his weight at 170 lbs.

That was 2004.

Since then, Penn has gone 1-5-1 at welterweight. Safe to say that his body just isn’t built for the division. It’s actually sad to watch B.J. Penn go out like this. “The Prodigy” had all the talent in the world but didn’t decide to put the dedication behind it until it was too late. At times mindboggling with his brilliance and at others frustratingly underwhelming. The savagely one sided ass whoopin’ at the hands of Nick Diaz spoke in volumes about how the game has passed Penn by. The moment he signed to fight MacDonald after calling him out, it was confirmed that Penn’s time was up. Any MMA pundit in their right mind had to be baffled by the decision. MacDonald is a monster at 170 lbs while Penn could barely scrape the weight limit without being a little pudgy around the middle. Skills are one thing. Size and youth are a whole different can of worms. Couple that with talent and Penn was in for a long night of getting beat down.

To make matters worse, MacDonald possessed a mentality that never stood in awe of Penn’s past achievements. He just wanted to beat up one of his favorite fighters. And that is exactly what he did at UFC on FOX 5. For three rounds Penn slowly realized that he just isn’t built for this anymore as the Canadian slammed punches and kicks into his face and torso. It was ugly, damn ugly.

After the scores were read, the look in Penn’s face was vacant and devoid of much emotion. He didn’t abruptly retire as he did against Diaz. This time he was more resigned to take his lumps and walk away. At 34-years-old, Penn doesn’t have anything left to prove and nothing much to show. It has been a pleasure to watch him in his brilliance, but after going 1-4-1 in his last six fights, maybe it’s time to go now because it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Even UFC President Dana White felt as if he had to add his two cents.

“B.J. will probably retire,” White said at the post fight press conference. “I wouldn’t mind seeing that.”

We wouldn’t either.   

  • i wouldnt mind seeing bj get destroyed again, bj can take alot of damage

    • haha i know i love seeing bj get beat the hell up lmao hes so pathetic.
      i mean hes big stuff when he wins hes licki9ng blood and talking s*it,showboating.but when hes getting smacked up and his shit popped then he doesent want his kids seeing that and he retires .. i hope he doesent retire tho, hes like maldonaldo he gets smacke dup and keeps going, very entertaining.

  • May his MMA career rest in peace. BJ Penn is and will always be one of my favorite fighters, however father time is undefeated. It's pretty safe to say that MMA has passed him by.

  • AJY

    BJ's best is behind him, and after seeing the Rory match it's obvious 9 yrs of fights have caught up with him and It's time to hang em up.
    His accomplishments will ensure he is always mentioned in the GOAT conversation. Even moreso, when BJ was on,his skill displays (bjj, boxing,takedown def) in the ring are only rivaled by silva imo. As the sport evolves, we'll see many well rounded, super athelete types in the GSP, Rory line of fighters, but fewer with very unique skill sets or fight styles like penn ,and thats a shame. It's been equally fun/frustating being a fan, but win lose or draw always exciting watching the prodigy go to war.

    • I hate it when people say that GSP, Rory, Jon Jones are not "fighters" but athletes, while BJ is a true fighter. If that's the case, then isn't that more so embaressing the fact that BJ got owned by "athletes", while BJ is a "true" fighter?!? The mistake you are making is ….. BJ was so naturally gifted, if noone trained & they fought, BJ would have won 8 or 9/10 times, but while others decided to train & better themselves as fighters, BJ's ego thought that he didnt have to train & he'd still be able to compete & beat the world best. Well that was the case for the 1st round, but if BJ didn't win the 1st, it was game over. Sure BJ moved up in weight & even fought a "terrible" Lyoto (compared to now) at the time they fought, but what did BJ get out of those fights, besides the stuffing be out of him? Well he got embaressed, concused, owned & then he was the excuse king on why he lost to GSP. If people really think a tea spoon of vaseline that was applied to GSP's shoulders was THE MAIN reason BJ got owned, you have to be as idiotic as BJ.

      I'm no BJ fan, but he was so naturaly talented beyond his years, it wasn't even funny, but the guy thought he was "too" good & that ended up costing him having a "shortened" career & only a good career, as opposed to a GREAT one had he not been such an idiot/cocky/over confident etc. Imagine if BJ trained like GSP @ LW, that guy would have been untouchable, but unfortunately for BJ, he was surrounded by too many "yes men" & did whatever BJ wanted them to do, whether they knew it was the right thing to do or not, they were to "afraid" to question BJ Penn. If you ask me, a true friend & family member would have said a long time ago ….. WTF are you doing bra? Wasting your skills & talent doing half ass training camps & taking a week or two off in the middle of camp, in the biggest fight of your life (GSP vs. Penn 2), what the fuck is wrong with you?!?

      BJ could have been a GREAT Mixed Martial Artist, but settled for good. GSP, Silva & Jones are incredible Mixed Martial Artists, something BJ definitely had the skills to be.

  • an awesome and very interesting, diverse career but defo time to retire after last few fights. he just did not seem to have the fire and determination he had when he was younger!

  • BJ isn't even a big lightweight these days his ideal weight is actually probably 145 but I guess you really can't teach old dogs new tricks.

  • BJ talked a lot in the pre-fight special about being in his prime and not being anyone's list of the greatest fighters, and it was more than sad.

    BJ wants those things, but never was willing to go outside his comfort outside by, for instance, training at a camp run by someone else.

    Talent can only take you so far. To be an all-time great not only do you need hard work and dedication, but also self-awareness.

    • Nicely said! You also need to check your ego at the door. Unfortunately for BJ, his was way too big, it followed him everywhere he went, it was impossible not to.

      I think BJ added a lot of added pressure on his shoulders for nothing, b/c of all of the shit talk that he did. It started when he fought GSP the 2nd time, in the lead up of the Prime Time, talking about GSP being a quitter, calling him a bitch & saying Farahs was a fucking idiot fo saying that GSP was going to buzz saw through him etc. etc. etc. – then what happens?!? GSP buzz saws through BJ & he ended up quitting on his stool. (Yeah BJ "didn't" quit himself, but he sure as hell didn't say NO).

      Then BJ talked about asking Diaz to put his money were his mouth was about doing a 5 rounder, b/c they were now the main event b/c GSP was injured, yet BJ was gassed after the 1st round. Why in the fuck would he even say he could go 5 Rounds, when BJ knew damn well he couldnt even go 1.5?

      Finally, BJ vs. Rory, sure Rory talked a lot of shit about beating BJ & how he didn't care what BJ did or looked like, b/c he was still going to kick his ass, then BJ started to talk shit & at the press conference he was pretty much trying to intimidate Rory, by saying Rory has to show up, he has to prove/do what he said he wa going to do to BJ & then he said he was going to beat Rory & prove he's nothing but hype, and then we all seen what happened. Just STFU & do your fighting inside the Octagon, my god, that guy never learned his f-ing lesson. Those razor blades must have been tough to swallow the next day after those 3 fights, after those comments BJ spewed out before each fight.

      Fighting @ WW ….?!? Really BJ – Really?!?

  • Do us all a favor, get in a time machine, travel back to the end of 2010 and publish this article.

    Sadly, this is old news.

  • I am going to be the contrarian here. BJ did not put on a bad performance against Rory. He put on a pretty good performance against a guy who is probably closer to most MWs than most WWs in size and is an extremely good fighter. BJ shouldn't fight at WW these days but to say he is done seems a bit premature. If he went down to LW where he belongs I guarantee he would be in the top five.

    • He could easily be in the top 5 your right. Also if he is cutting the weight it means he's in better shape which will improve his horrendous cardio.. BJ has always been in great shape at LW over the last few years but I doubt he has the drive to get down to that weight.

      • Sadly, it seems that motivation has always been an issue for BJ. A guy with his skill set should have a much better looking record.

        • I concur!

        • But at least he looked "tough" fighting bigger guys @ WW & getting owned ….. sarcasm. Who gives a fuck if BJ was willing to fight bigger guys, that only proves, just how stupid BJ was, but more importantly it showed just how BIG his EGO was.

          BJ Penn @ WW = a joke, no one feared BJ @ WW, no one.
          BJ Penn @ LW = killer, many feared BJ, while only a few could actually best him @ LW. Edgar is one of them, but he also beat Ben Henderson the last fight, maybe even the first fight they had. No shame in losing to Frankie Edgar, who should stil be LW Champ & who should only have 1 loss on his record.

  • I couldn't agree more (IChokePeople) i think a lot of people are over analysing this. The thing BJ needs to do imo is go back to LW and see out his career there……look how great he looked at LW on his last run there??…..even in defeat to Edgar twice….Bj has made it clear in a number of interviews that BJJ has always been about the smaller guy beating the bigger guy and that that sticks in his mind…..which is true…..on the street yes…..but not inside the octagon……Bj really needs to stop fighting guys at WW, some of whom come to fight weighing 190-200+… Rory……the difference in strength was clear for all to see…..just like when he fought GSP…….you NEVER see Bj get dominated like that at LW…..thats why we have different weight classes….to take away any unfair advantage in weight, strength etc etc……Bj IS a great fighter but he either needs to go back to LW or sadly, retire……

    • exactly bj will do great at lw… people are dumb for thinking bj should retire when he lost to someone almost exactly like gsp except more was bj edgar then bendo now edgars gone i think he can beat bendo and get that belt back!!

  • I disagree. He's not out of time and at the end of his athletic ability, I honestly simply put his downslide due to lack of mental strength rather than ability.
    His refusal to get a decent cardio level is his biggest downfall and after that I feel he is badly trained at this end of his career.

    WWs are just to big and too much more him at this time in MMA but I do believe he could become a top 155er and even champion if he got in shape, I don't see it happening though.

    All BJ Penn has to do to become a world beater again is move to a solid camp with no affiliation to him, where the guys aren't all yes men (even though he says they aren't) and don't have to worry about putting their boss in line. If he went somewhere like Xtreme Couture in Vegas, where I don't think he has any rivalries (he has some in like every other big gym) or even Blackhouse where they love him, then he could become that beast again.
    The sad truth is he won't, he refuses to leave his paradise island where everything is easy for him and he can eat his BBQ steaks all the time.

  • I want the Penn vs Machida, Sanchez, Florian, Sherk back.

  • When you think you are the greatest, who needs a training camp and new trainers.
    BJ's ego shot him down before lack of skill.