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Daniel Cormier: I’m Better At 205 Pounds Than I Was At 240


Strikeforce World Heavyweight Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier is undefeated in his short stint in the UFC after picking up a debut win over Frank Mir at UFC on FOX 7 and following it up with a decision victory over Roy Nelson at UFC 166.

However, he hasn’t exactly delivered on his substantial amount of hype in letting both of his fights go to the judges. Despite his buzz fading a bit after coming into the Octagon with a ton of hype behind him, Cormier is still undefeated and set for a huge fight.

“DC” will make the transition down to light heavyweight in order to face former UFC 205-pound champion Rashad Evans at February 22’s UFC 170.

He’s making the cut to avoid facing off with his good friend and training partner, UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. And while Cormier’s struggles with weight cutting as an Olympic wrestler are well documented, he told AXS TV’s Inside MMA that he’s actually going to be better at 205:

“I think I’m a better fighter right now, man, because not only am I more active and more athletic and in better shape, I’m actually getting better because time has passed since I’ve fought at 240. So the time in the gym I’ve spent getting better and working on my craft, I think the smaller guy wins because I’m a better fighter now than I was six months ago.”

Cormier raises an interesting point when he focuses on his evolution as a fighter. Indeed he trains with one of the best gyms in MMA at American Kickboxing Academy, and his constant grinding sessions there have certainly honed his craft. He did seem to get better in the time between his fight with Mir and his win over “Big Country;” it remains to be seen if he can continue that improvement against Evans.

“Suga” has been on a bit of streak himself, winning two straight over decent competition in Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen. However, “DC” is a challenge on a much higher level than either of those two aging superstars, so Evans will have his hands full when he faces off with Cormier at the Mandalay Bay Evens Center in Las Vegas.

A lot of this fight is going to come down to how effective Cormier’s weight cut was. If he can make 205 pounds without putting his body through too much stress, he should be the decided favorite. But, that’s no easy task.

Will “DC” show up to UFC 170 in shape and ready to fight, or will the drastic cut leave his body too drawn to take advantage of the size advantage he should have over “Suga”?

  • I think Evans is 2nd best LHW in world and is a monster when motivated. Sugar wins this bout.

    • He was the 2nd best LHW in the world before DC decided to drop down to school him. I got DC winning by Royal Ass whooping.

    • Really, Rashad 2nd best?

      • So you'll put Gustafsson at # 3 behind Rashad?

  • I'll be rooting for DC come fight time not only because I like his fight style better between the two but because I REALLY want to see him take on Jones. His striking and takedowns were already pretty explosive with that big ol gut he had at HW I can only imagine how good he'll be at a fit 205.

  • I like DC far better when he isn't being all c0cky and stuff.
    I don't think we'll see DC getting under a top heavy fighter in this match. Rashad should be a test for him. We'll also see if DC has the power to KO Rashad like he was doing at HW.

    • He'll have the same kinda power and there's even a chance he'll hit harder now, cause he can generate more speed and fluid torgue. Even as a HW and being fat, he was super athletic. He's gonna be a freak at 205. This is gonna be really really hard for Rashad.

  • I would find it much easier to believe the statement that he's better at 205 if he waited until he actually had a fight at that weight, let alone won one.

    I think Jones can be arrogant at times, but he's beat some great fighters. Cormier's big scalps are Nelson, Mir and Big Foot. All good fighters, but not exactly a "Murder's Row".

    • That darn cart is heading past the horse again.

    • Yeah Jones most def. beat some great fighters and he deserves respect for that. However those were all smaller guys. Once he met his match in size "gus", he got his ass whooped. Bones reach advantage is one of his biggest weapons.

      Now Cormier, throughout his MMA career has been dominating guys much bigger than him. He was a very small HW and still managed to knock out monsters like Big Foot and Soa Palelei and dominate all his other opponents. They might not all be big names like the ones Jones fought but he certainly did not fight cans, he beat some real tough competition too and even though Bones beat some big names like Shogun, Evans, Rampage to name a few… they were at absolute lows in their fighting career.

      • I agree XP from your standpoint on DC and his abilities. Just think until DC fights 205 he won't know for sure.

        • Yeah that's true.. but i think DC is based his statement of his physical ability during training, which should be much improved. He feels like he can do more. Things he couldn't at HW, as he stated in another interview.

          • Yeah, I suppose he would certainly feel if he was faster, more athletic etc.

  • I will laugh if Evans beats him and upsets his parade.

    Cormier is a great fighter to say the least, but it's as if he thinks he will just crush everything in his path. 205 at its top is a tough division and has a lot of great fighters, Evans being one of them. Rashad, when on his game, is a hell of a fighter and I don't see Cormier just having his way with him. Evans, is quick, powerful, explosive, has great wrestling of his own and has KO power.

    Should be a great fight and I expect Evans to make a match of it.

  • gm1

    I dont know why they are saying DC going to over power Suga. They will both be at about 205. Suga is 5'11 75' reach while Cormier is 5'10 72' reach.

    The sizes are virtually the same. If anything Suga will have the advantage since his normal fight weight is 205. Cormier is treading in unfamiliar waters since he is dropping serious weight…

    • D

      I don't know about dropping "serious weight". He weighed in for his last fight at 224. He really wouldn't have to lose much weight if any to make the cut to 205. Given his past kidney issues, he might have had to lose 10 pounds, but he wasn't exactly a cut up 224, so that shouldn't have been difficult.

    • 2 people with the same weight and height does not mean they have equal power.

    • Cormier is physically a lot stronger than Rashad.. Don't forget he's been dominating guys way bigger than him and knocking them out. He did not just have a speed advantage at HW. He is actually stronger than them and that's impressive to say the least. Also, he's not unfamiliar with dropping weight, he just used to do it in a very unhealthy way, dropping ridiculous amounts of weight in 1 or 2 days before wrestling matches and that's what got him in trouble with his kidney's. It's not cutting weight that was the problem, it's the way he did it.

    • Remember, they will both weigh 205 AT THE WEIGH IN, by the time Cormier rehydrates himself 24 hours later, he will walk into the cage at least 10-15 maybe 20 pounds heavier than Rashad