10 MMA Stars Who Had Beef With Joe Rogan


Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino

During an episode of his JRE podcast with UFC president Dana White and comedian Tony Hinchcliffe, Rogan incurred the wrath of female star Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino with a crude joke about her gender.

As a comedian best known for ‘roasting’ celebrities, the conversation turned to what Hinchcliffe would do if ‘Cyborg’ was his target.

“That would be amazing, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Where would I start?” Hinchcliffe said enthusiastically.

“Her dick.” – Rogan replied.

“That she’s the only person who cuts weight by chopping off her dick,” Hinchcliffe quipped.

Naturally ‘Cyborg’ didn’t think that was funny and blasted the trio on Twitter, accusing them of “bullying” and then went into more detail on Facebook about the negative effect their insensitive remarks had.

“When guys as high profile as Joe Rogan make these types of jokes it opens the door for fans and other people in the sport to make similar comments because they see the example and think it’s acceptable. No one deserves to get 1,000 of messages a week attacking their self esteem.”

It’s hard to argue with that and Rogan apologized publicly to ‘Cyborg’ afterwards, accepting full responsibility for the remarks.

“I shouldn’t have said it. I do feel bad about it, because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.”

  • Murderous1

    Punk Beach just needs to go to the gym and spar that always silence’s stupid talk

    • Juan Diablo

      Rogan ain’t no slouch man, he would probably wreck most gym fighters who aren’t pros- even at his age

  • Murdock

    Frank Mir has been lucky in many of his wins but he just doesn’t admit them.

    • JamesC

      luck? He is pretty damn skillful. I cant think of a single win that was luck based. Before you say Brock…he did a kneebar not because of luck but because Brock was inexperienced…thats not luck.

      • Murdock

        He was taking a beating by Brock. Referee seperates them which was a wrong move and suddenly Brock’s taps out seconds later. Frank clearly got lucky otherwise he’d be out cold.

        Same thing with the Big Nog rematch.

  • Jess Fenchley

    Honda hated everyone around her, so no surprise. Rogan was right with what he said. Honda just never heard the truth from anyone, and could not handle it.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    “Jacob Volkmann gained notoriety in 2011 when he was visited by the
    Secret Service after claiming he wanted to beat up Barack Obama,”

    I wonder is the secret service ever checked in with snoop dog or lil bow wow
    But I suppose some people get to say or do anything they want as long as they control the media

    • Murderous1

      Brain damage

  • Bobby Cullari

    Most of what Joe ever said was objective truth or joking about a truth too uncomfortable for some to hear.