Anyone and everyone on the MMA scene has heard of CBD. In fact, even outside the world of fighting, CBD is a big deal. People everywhere are using this non-intoxicating compound as a general wellness supplement to help them live their best lives. But nowhere has it become more popular than with MMA fighters.

MMA and CBD oil go hand in hand, it seems. But why? What is it about CBD that has lured so many MMA fighters to try it?

It turns out that CBD has many potential benefits for MMA fighters, all stemming from the potential effects of this compound. There are also many ways to use CBD, including tinctures, topicals, and vapes. CBD oil in MMA is becoming popular in numerous forms because athletes have the opportunity to use it how it suits them.

Here are some more details on MMA and CBD.

These 4 MMA Fighters Are Using CBD

Perhaps the most famous MMA fighter using CBD right now is Nate Diaz. Diaz has been exceptionally vocal about his CBD use. Way back in 2016, Diaz popularized CBD when he puffed on a CBD vape pen during a post-fight interview.

At first, Diaz landed himself in trouble for using marijuana on national television. Not only is marijuana federally illegal, but it’s also banned under UFC rules. However, Diaz was quick to assert that it was actually CBD, and that it helped him in numerous ways. To this day, Nate Diaz is a proud CBD vaper.

Other MMA fighters like Bas Rutten Tilburg are also using CBD. Tilburg has spoken out about using CBD instead of opioids. Athletes in numerous sports are starting to switch from addictive opiates to CBD, with sporting bodies slowly coming around to the idea.

Even ‘El Pantera’, Yair Rodriguez, has become a vocal CBD advocate. Rodriguez was ranked the 5th best UFC fighter in 2019, and so he has a pretty big platform. He uses this to preach about CBD, often tweeting about his latest products.

Finally, there’s Joe Schilling. Schilling is renowned for his patient and methodical approach to MMA; perhaps it’s CBD that makes him so calm. Once again, Schilling is using his social media channels to promote CBD.

These four fighters are not alone. Numerous MMA athletes are turning to cannabidiol, but why?

Why Are So Many MMA Fighters Using CBD?

There are many reasons why CBD could be beneficial for MMA and UFC fighters. Primarily, CBD could help with pain.

Mixed martial arts is a high-contact, high-risk sport. Injuries are common, and fighters often expect severe injuries no matter their skill level. Even after recovery, MMA fighters may experience chronic, lingering pain.

Many people believe CBD to act as an anti-inflammatory, meaning it could treat pain. Numerous research studies have been published on this topic over the years. For example, a 2016 study in the European Journal of Pain found that transdermal CBD application reduced inflammation and arthritis pain in rats. Although this was an animal study, it does show promise.

Other studies, such as this 2020 review from Frontiers in Pharmacology, also suggest that CBD could help with chronic pain.

Interestingly, CBD has other applications. A 2019 study suggests that CBD can help with anxiety in sleep. Anxiety could be an issue with MMA fighters in the sense of stage fright, but calming down is beneficial in any high-stress situation. There are few situations more stressful than a big fight, so CBD could be a useful tool prior to fights for MMA athletes.

With so many consumption methods and potential benefits, it’s no wonder MMA fighters are using CBD in increasing numbers.

How MMA Fighters Are Using CBD

There are numerous ways to use CBD these days; you are no longer limited to CBD tinctures. Nevertheless, CBD oil remains a popular option with many users, MMA fighters included. CBD oils are the best way to take an all-purpose dose of CBD each day.

However, for MMA fighters, topicals are often the first port of call. A topical is a product you apply to the skin. It creates localized effects that kick in quickly and work well. Furthermore, many CBD topicals contain additional pain-relieving ingredients that are perfect for injuries.

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