Canada has produced some of the best UFC fighters in the world. One question that is often asked online is, who is the highest paid Canadian UFC fighter past or present.

We’ve come up with six different UFC fighters past and present. Starting with the past Canadian UFC fighters that had the UFC highest salaries to salaries of current Canadian UFC fighters.

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Who is the highest paid Canadian UFC fighter?

There are two fighters that come up when you look up who is the highest paid Canadian UFC fighter? Far and away the highest paid Canadian UFC fighter of all time is the legend Georges St-Pierre

A distant second is fan favorite veteran MMA fighter Rory MacDonald that currently fights for PFL. No other Canadian UFC fighter has made more than these two fighters and are not even close to touching their earnings.

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Georges St-Pierre’s UFC Earnings

GSP is not only the highest paid Canadian UFC fighter, but one the highest paid of all UFC fighters ever. It’s incredible to see what he started out making in the UFC to what he made in his last fight.

GSP’s early UFC salary

In the beginning of his fight career in the UFC, Pierre made next to nothing in his early UFC appearances. GSP would be paid the base minimum salary of $6,000 for winning his first two matches in the UFC.($3k to show and $3k to win)

His first UFC title match would net him only $8,000 dollars total in a losing effort. Georges would win his next 5 matches before getting another title shot, where he made less than $20,000 per fight.

When he one his first title in a rematch against Matt Hughes, Pierre’s UFC salary was the largest of all fighters. Netting a total UFC salary of $58,000, which included fight bonus, win bonus, and performance bonus.

Georges’ UFC salary would rise to well over $100k in the last fights of his contract.

GSP’s pay raise

GSP would see a significant raise to his salary at the end of 2008. The first title defense of his second title run against Jon Fitch was the last on his UFC contract.

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Pierre decided to bet on himself and took a gamble during negotiations with the UFC. He told the UFC that he wasn’t going to re-sign with them unless he had a significant pay raise.

His reported salary against Fitch was estimated at $400k, but GSP claims it was closer to $6 million. Georges was able to get an incredible pay raise along with points on PPV buys of his fights.

From 2008 to 2013, GSP made around this UFC salary per fight until he took a hiatus from fighting. In his last fight for the UFC Middleweight Championship, GSP earned a large UFC salary of $10 million dollars.

Rory MacDonald’s UFC earnings

Easily the second highest paid Canadian UFC fighter of all time is fan favorite Rory MacDonald. Rory fought for the promotion from 2010 to 2016.

By far the biggest earnings that MacDonald made were in his last two UFC fights. Earning $59,000 in a rematch against Robbie Lawler at UFC 189 and a $40k Reebok Bonus.

His last fight against Stephen Thompson would earn Macdonald another $59,000 and a $10k bonus from Reebok. 

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Macdonald’s salary post UFC

Since leaving the UFC in 016, MacDonald has signed two lucrative contracts with both Bellator and now PFL. Each fight under those promotions has earned MacDonald over $400,000 per fight.

Current Highest Paid Canadian UFC Fighters

The UFC salaries of current Canadian UFC fighters pale in comparison to the previous two fighters, but are worth mentioning. Here are UFC salaries of three current Canadian UFC fighters that are currently the highest paid of all Canadian UFC Fighters. Listing the payouts of their last three UFC fights.

Felicia Spencer

  • UFC 250 Title Fight vs Amanda Nunes: $125,000
  • UFC Fight Night Garbrandt vs Font: $34,500
  • UFC Fight Night Holloway vs Rodriguez: $126,000

Randa Markos

  • UFC Fight Night Dos Anjos vs Felder: $47,000
  • UFC Fight Night Reyes vs Prochazka: $48,000
  • UFC Fight Night Costa vs Vettori: $80,000

John Makdessi

  • UFC Fight Night Pettis vs Thompson: $103,000
  • UFC Fight Night Lee vs Oliveira: $61,000
  • UFC Fight Night Vettori vs Holland: $110,000

Pay raises incoming

Thanks to the increasing popularity of the UFC, Canadian UFC fighters are now making more than ever before. Hopefully their salaries continue to rise as these fights make a name for themselves and proudly represent the country.