POLL: Which Absent MMA Fighter's Return Are You Most Excited About?

It’s hard to ignore that MMA has most of it’s brightest stars sidelined due to unforeseen circumstances at present, but it’s also noticeable that the UFC is home to most of the names on that list. I’m not writing off the current crop of talent in the world of MMA, as the future stars are still in the making.

There has however been a significant change in the past year or so, and events like Fight Night 43 in June highlight my point; that the UFC is a little light in the marquee fighter department. Two fighters, both coming off two straight first round losses, competing in a division which they aren’t ranked in, are headlining a card. Of course, I’m talking about Nate Marquardt vs. James Te Huna.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for giving fighters another chance, but isn’t that what the prelims are for? ‘The Great’ hasn’t won a fight in two years, and has been easily KO’d in his last two outings, and Te Huna has lost to every top 10 opponent he has ever faced. There used to be a time that headlining bouts had title implications, feud settlers, and just fights that meant something. Then again, the promotion had a ot ore to play with back then, in terms of active superstars like Anderson Silva, GSP, Anthony Pettis and Cain Velasquez/Junior Dos Santos.

So as we pine after the legends that sit on the sideline, and watch events that seem somewhat diluted, who’s return to the world of MMA do you await the most? Take a vote and have your say.