WBC announces Jake Paul will be a ranked cruiserweight should he beat Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia

jake paul

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has recently gone on record stating that if Jake Paul defeats Tommy Fury in their eight-round affair coming up on February 26, he will be ranked in the cruiserweight division of the WBC rankings.

We’ve got quote from each Sulaiman and Paul regarding the WBC’s choice to potentially rank the YouTube-boxing sensation, both men of which were interviewed by Sky Sports.

First, we’ll start with the WBC President:

Jake Paul has been close to the WBC for several years, starting with the first event promoted in the UK when his brother, Logan, fought KSI. On that night Jake won the WBC amateur belt in the undercard fights.

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“Jake has dedication and respect to the sport and the WBC will not tolerate discrimination against anyone. He deserves the opportunities that any other boxer has. He demonstrated punching power and improved skills as well as a solid chin. Tommy Fury represents a clear challenge to Paul in a battle of two undefeated professional boxers.”

Jake Paul then stated the following in his interview:

“I want to become a world champion. I’m going to become a world champion, and these fights are all just stepping stones to get there.

“I’m slowly improving. I’ve sparred against world champions and done phenomenal against them, so who knows what can happen in two to three years from now when I go into my athletic prime?

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“I’m starting to really, really get this sport and all aspects of it. It’s really actually scary what could possibly happen. I think not only will I become a world champion, I think I will be a dominant world champion and knock someone out for the belt.”

This would really be something. Did anyone think Jake Paul could’ve come this far? He isn’t ranked yet, but this will probably come as a shock to most.

Do you think Jake Paul defeats Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia?

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