On Wednesday MMA Veteran Wanderlei Silva was hit by a car while riding his bike through the streets of Curitiba, Brazil.

Speaking to Tribuna, Silva detailed his injuries. Sharing that he had sustained cuts to his face and a broken foot.

After coming out of the hospital the former UFC fighter shared that his life had been saved by his choice to wear a helmet.

“If I hadn’t been wearing a helmet, I might have died”.

“People have to be more careful in traffic. It’s hard to ride a bike in Curitiba”.

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Silva continued, sharing his experience with the driver who had been part of the collision with him.

“He was super nice, stopped and put me in his car. Other people have already appeared to help me”.

Continuing, Wanderlei shared his thought on why bike accidents happen in Curitiba.

“We have many more cyclists in the city and we don’t have a suitable place to ride. Unfortunately, drivers don’t respect it. I was very sad about this accident. I ask people to be more aware of traffic and not to use their cell phones, as this can cost someone’s life”.

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Recently the MMA Veteran had been involved in talks of a potential bare knuckle boxing bout with Boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Recently it was revealed the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship were willing to offer the boxing great in excess of $20 million dollars to face Silva in the bare knuckle boxing ring.

MMA striking coach and close friend of Silva’s Rafael Cordeiro has been seen working with Tyson ahead of his potential return to the ring. He recently shared his thoughts that any potential bout between the two would hinge on weather Tyson was interested in competing in the bare knuckle format.

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As of now, there is nothing signed between the two.

Would you like to see the two face off?