Vitor Belfort scored a brutal first round knockout over Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 32, putting to rest the demons that haunted him from their first match at Pride 32 and possibly ending the storied career of the aging legend.

In the aftermath of the bout, many are discussing ‘The Phenom’s’ place in the Middleweight title race and it appears that the former 205lb. Champ is in with a good chance at facing the winner of Weidman vs. Silva II. Nothing is certain in MMA, but Belfort has put himself in the best position possible with the win.

As is the ritual following a Belfort victory, as of late, the discussion has turned to the shady topic of TRT.  Belfort has once again given his side to the story, as he spoke to ESPN:

“The [TRT] critics are always going to be there,” Belfort said. “If you do it, they will say, ‘he cheated.’ What people don’t know is that we do good work. I was the only guy to do blood work. Now Dan Henderson has to go through blood work; it’s in our contract. All the fighters have to do blood work. With the blood work you can track if they [fighters] use testosterone. We know some guys do it; they do things to cheat. My lab work is right there. My levels are right there, every week”

Belfort famously failed a drugs test following his first match against Henderson, at least this time around both guys were on muscle exploding rage potion TRT so it was a level playing field. Belfort continued:

“I’m not doing anything illegal. It’s a treatment. Actually, if I go without it I will be at a disadvantage. It will be like the other guy is on something and I’m not. If you have asthma you get treatment. If your have high blood pressure, you get treatment for it. This is my treatment. Everybody knows.” 

It would be easy to question the reason why Belfort would be at such a disadvantage without the treatment, for example, has he ruined his ability to naturally produce testosterone by ‘blowing his wad’ in his early years?

If this was the case, should he even be allowed to compete as a pro athlete? I’m quite often split on this matter, as it is involved in a sport where guys could get badly hurt, or worse, and I’m also not a doctor (yet).

“I don’t care what people think, talk or say. It’s doesn’t take my focus away. I do want to fight for and win the UFC title, but I don’t need to keep talking about it over and over. I’d love to fight in Las Vegas; I’ve fought in Canada, I love fighting in America, I have lots of fans here. I have just as many fans here in America as I have in Brazil. Of course I want to fight here, I live in America.”

Whether we like it or not, there is a serious chance that we may have our first (?) UFC champ that is on the legal, but much debated treatment.

Sports fan since forever, love to write, hope you enjoy!