Boxing was back with a bang last night! While many MMA fans were glued to UFC Fight Island 4, Jose Zepeda and Ivan Baranchyk went to war in Top Rank’s main event on Saturday night in what probably is the fight of the year. Zepeda would end up landing the crucial punch in the fight in the fifth round that would ultimately give him the KO win to cement the number 1 ranking at 140 pounds with the WBC. However, this does not tell the story of the fight as the fight was filled with chaos, surprises and eight knockdowns in five rounds.

Baranchyk came out strong from the opening bell landing a strong left look that landed clean. Zepeda would hit the canvas twice in that first round in what would have seemed like should have been a short night for him, but it was not, instead it was the beginning of a back and forth war that captured the eyes of all combat sports fans around the world.

Baranchyk got his first taste of the canvas in the second round, however it counted as a slip even though it seemed like a legitimate knockdown. Then, at the end of the round Zepeda would go down a thrid time after Baranchyk landed a clean right on him. The fight would go on like that in the third and fourth round with Baranchyk going down in both rounds. When the fifth rounded came around it seemed like Zepeda had the fight under control and was starting to take over but of course this fight was crazy and unpredictable and Baranchyk landed to drop Zepeda for the fourth time, however only moments later Zepeda landed big and put Baranchyk out in the fifth and end the fight.

Here are some of the highlights of the fight:

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