UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo will finally face his rival Conor McGregor at UFC 194, capping off a year-long feud with his Irish counterpart that has seen numerous confrontations and heated arguments. From McGregor stealing Aldo’s belt in the lead up to their original UFC 189 booking, to jives about drug tests and injuries, we’ve seen it all in the Aldo vs. McGregor beef.

The interim featherweight championship was thrown together at the last minute when ‘Scarface’ was forced out of UFC 189 with a rib injury, and ‘The Notorious’ dispatched the Brazilian’s late replacement Chad Mendes to capture the junior belt. Although it was wholly unnecessary to add the interim strap to the fight, it makes the December 12 collision between the two champs all the more intriguing.

McGregor has buried Aldo in terms of the trash talking stakes, although the Brazilian striker has been a lot more vocal in slandering his opponent. Much like the second fight with ‘Money’ Mendes, ‘Scarface’ seems fired up and ready to go. Providing he comes in healthy, this could be another tough and gruelling fight for the long time and only ever UFC featherweight boss.

If the above video is anything to go by, Aldo is ready to kick some ass at UFC 194, but will he be able to overcome the rangy and unorthodox striking game of McGregor? Video props: MMA Digest.

Stay tuned.