VIDEO | Darren Till Rages At Police Officer In Mask Debate


UFC middleweight contender Darren Till made headlines today as he would go up against not a fighter, but local law enforcement.

Till refused to wear a mask in public outside a gas station, which lead the police to obstruct and question the UFC star. This spiraled a crazy altercation which was all caught on video by Till via Instagram Live.

Till explained to the officers that he was out getting food and water for his family and that he wasn’t wearing a mask because of a sinus infection endured in his last fight with Robert Whittaker. The Liverpool native did not have his medical paperwork to defend his exemption at the time, so the officers pressed forward and stopped Till from leaving in his car. They would pursue to question him about personal information and potentially fine him.

“You’re not getting a thing from me, because I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m at my garage getting food. I’ve got sinus problems and I’m coming out of my local garage and you’re harassing me, threatening to arrest me in my car! Get out of my personal space now!

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“The Gorilla” would resist and would not provide personal information regarding his identity and vehicle information. The second policeman in the background of the video recognized Till from his current UFC run. However, this would not prevent the ongoing interrogating obstruction.

“You’re stopping me in my tracks, your officer already knows who I am. Get all my details, if you can’t find them go to Google!”

“You’re not getting nothing! I haven’t done anything! Go away!

Till’s tantrum would be caught in front of 10.000 live viewers on his Instagram, throwing insults such as ‘muppet’ and loser’ while being questioned by the main officer. The officer would not allow Till to close his car door and remained in front of the door. The Middleweight repeatedly told the cop to get out of his face and out of his personal space. The policeman would not concede so easily.

“You’re not getting a thing, now go on and do your job and serve the people not harass the people.” Till responded to the further questioning.”

The officer in this altercation would eventually verify Till’s identity through his device with the information provided by his partner. However, he would threaten the UFC contender with an issued fine and continued the obstruction, now checking his car.

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“Check what you want pal. Check what you want mate. Check it all! Check it all!” Till screamed. “You’re a loser. I’ve never had a problem with the police mate, never. Bully boy loser, now get the [expletive] out my car mate.”

After much more argument got out of hand between Till and the policeman, the officer would finally step out of the way of his car door and let Till leave the scene.

“See that people?” Till told his fans after the encounter. “I’ve come out of my local garage on my way to the gym to get Petrol and water yeah? As I’ve come out of the garage, this officer stepped out of his vehicle and comes straight into my personal space and said “why aren’t you wearing a mask?” and I said “Because I’m exempt.” He said “if you got any proof” and I said “not on me at the moment. But I had a fight.”

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“What kind of fight did you have?” asked the officer. “I’m a professional fighter, I fight for a living. I got my nose broken in my last fight, asternal bleeding, the spire.”

“I’m sorry about that. Losing my temper.” Till told his fans before signing off his livestream.

Additionally, Darren Till would put out a statement on his Instagram story:

“Usually don’t ever have a problem with police & don’t ever feel the need to apologise to people for my actions but I want to firstly apologise to any kids who were watching that then. I rarely lose my temper but this absolute bully boy of a man starts harassing me at my local garage saying abar fines n that when this bully ain’t even wearing his correctly then starts checking my wheels. The desperation to give someone a fine.”

“Have a brilliant rest of the day officer forehead, you gave a 30 pound fine out that gonna use all up all your time in court now, you sad, sad little man.”

Do you think Darren Till is right or wrong in this argument with law enforcement?