Video: Brock Lesnar Makes Incredibly Awkward UFC 200 Prediction

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Brock Lesnar makes his return to mixed martial arts on Saturday July 9, as he faces Mark Hunt in the co-main event of UFC 200. The former heavyweight champion and WWE superstar Lesnar has been away from fighting for five years now. A battle with diverticulitis and a couple of harrowing losses at the tail end of his career saw ‘The Beast’ retire with a 5-3 record, only to come out of the woodwork a month ago claiming he didn’t want to leave MMA without one more crack of the whip.

Was he just helping promote the fight and obscuring the fact he’s happy to get punched for large sums of money? Maybe, either way there will be millions tuning in to watch his bout with Hunt, who has a better chance than anyone to land a face imploding one punch knockout against Lesnar. As dangerous and somewhat pointless as this fight is, it’s hard to deny how watchable it will be.

Brock Lesnar 6

The fascination surrounding Brock Lesnar’s UFC comeback will reach it’s peak when he steps in the octagon with Mark Hunt, but what tools does the gigantic pro wrestler really have to win this fight? He previously said that if he can get Hunt to ground the fight would be over, but how? Does he plan on submitting, pounding or maybe just grinding ‘The Super Samoan’ out?

In the fight week interview with Lesnar, released by Paul Heyman on July 4, the WWE star gives his prediction for the UFC 200 fight against Hunt. Although the former UFC champion can talk some good trash, he seems a little half-hearted in this latest segment.
“I feel well prepared, I’m excited, I’m calm. And before the storm, and there will be a storm. Victory. No picking rounds, I’ve had a great camp, I feel great. I’m not sitting here trying to fake anything. I’m coming in to the octagon very well prepared, and that’s dangerous. I’ll see you there.”

OK, so maybe Lesnar’s awkward rant was just an illustration of his impatience or possibly dislike for self promoting, or could it be that he just wants that pay check and doesn’t really see victory on the horizon?

Time will tell, and there’s only four days left to wait!