Video: 5’4″ Featherweight Beats 6’7″ Rival In Brazilian MMA

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a crazy sport, that much is for certain. Such a bout went down in Brazilian MMA recently.

The sport of MMA progressed leap years in the days since its no-holds-barred, anything goes origins of the early 1990s. Back then, a prominent politician (rest in peace) likened the UFC to ‘human cockfighting.’

Well, fighting still has long ways to go, but the rules have undoubtedly been shored up in a big way since then. You still do see the Freak Show-type fights in some match-ups, however. Japan is well known for these types of contests, but it also happened in Brazil last weekend.

The bout took place at the Favela Kombat 31 MMA event. Featherweights Celso and Savio battled at 145 pounds. The selling point of the fight, of course, was that it pitted the five-foot-four Celso vs. the six-foot-seven Savio.

The height discrepancy became apparent at the weigh-ins last Friday:

As for the actual fight, well, it was bizarre as you might have predicted. You would probably expect Savio to win due to his immense reach. But the underdog Celso actually picked up the decision victory against all odds. Savio didn’t do much with his strikes throughout the strange fight.

You can watch the full fight video via Sandro Saldanha right here: