Vicente Luque Talks ‘Throwing Strategy Out The Window’ In Phoenix

Joe Camporeale for USA TODAY Sports
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Vicente Luque talks throwing ‘strategy out the window’ in his epic war with Bryan Barberena last Sunday (Feb. 17, 2019) at UFC on ESPN 1.

It was one of the more memorable fights in some time. Both Luque and Barberena left it all in the Octagon on Sunday night. After a “Fight Of The Night” performance like that, you would think everyone in “The Silent Assassins” camp would be stoked.

Well, almost everyone, as Luque explained, because his fiancee was none too pleased that he decided to stop Barberena’s punches with his head just a few weeks before their wedding day.

“I’ve got to ice my face up to look good,” Luque told reporters after the fight (via MMAjunkie). “She’s going to be – she is mad at me. She talked to me right there, she said, ‘What’s going on? What fight was that,”” he explained. “This is MMA. Sometimes you go in there and you get the quick finish. Sometimes it doesn’t happen.”

Both men earned an extra 50K for their efforts on Sunday night. Perhaps Luque can splurge a bit extra on his fiancee during their honeymoon to make up for his facial imperfections.

Luque went on to explain that he had a gameplan for Barberena. But as the Mike Tyson saying goes, everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face.

“I knew he was a tough guy,” Luque said. “Obviously when we’re in there, and we hit him with the best shot we have and the guy keeps moving, we don’t expect that, but I knew he was a tough guy and he was going to bring the fight,” he added.

“Once he knocked me down the first time, I said, ‘Hey, I’m going to fight this guy.’ I threw strategy out the window and said, I’m going to fight him,’ and give a show to everybody and show that I’ve got heart and that I’ve got what it takes to be one of the best over here in this division.”

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